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Gun Sense Vermont brass targets Mom-at-Arms

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

We’re used to dealing with trolls, but it’s not every day leadership in a gun control group engages your tweet from out of nowhere and leaves an unhinged reply lol.

She flat out admits they use things like school shootings to recruit into their ranks (shootings benefit their cause) and that we at Mom-at-Arms are a threat to her and those like her in some way (“but because of you, we do”). Oh yeah, and of course the old “weapons of war”lol. It’s odd though, there was no one tagged in our tweet and she just popped up out of nowhere. Here she is btw:

And check this out, she thinks the best way to “protect” DV victims is to make it more difficult for them to get legally armed.

So if Rachel Maddow (she looks just like her) wants to spew emotional dribble on our tweets, we welcome it. She won’t stop us from exposing what gun grabbers do behind the scenes nor our advocacy efforts to educate people on the importance of self-defense and safe firearm ownership. People like Sharon want you disarmed and they jump at the chance to politicize shootings to fit their needs to advance legislation that affects everyone who owns a gun (not those that don’t, so she’s targeting gun owners as a whole, not criminals nor evil people), and we are glad she acknowledged we are a threat to her disarmament agenda.

Oh yeah, and she’s a swell person that respects people’s choices lol!


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