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FOIA: IL State Police Ammo tracking and lack of transparency

A few weeks back, a FFL in Illinois discovered that when you input someone's FOID (needed to buy/posses firearms and ammo in IL) info to buy ammo, they now had to select the caliber ther individual was buying. It looked like this:

Obviously, especially with the pending gun ban registration deadline approaching for individuals who have "banned" firearms, this was concerning. Why? Because certain calibers are associated with certain guns, like AR-15's (.223/5.56) and AK style rifles (7.62x39). If people were buying these calibers, but did not register their rifles, red flags would be raised at the IL state police and people who resisted (didn't cave to registration) would be easier to target. Thankfully, Illinois Carry inquired about this, as no legislation required this to be done, and the ISP stopped doing it almost as soon as they started.

However, that doesn't excuse what this even happened in the first place. A FOIA request was filed that asked for communications, emails and internal documents as to everything in regards to this instance, and what was given back by the state police is anything but sufficient. This is what was sent back:

That's it. A completely redacted email chain/document and a nice "haha you get nothing" reason for the redactions. Why the secrecy? Why the lack of transparency as to why this was done in the first place when no law required it? This just created more questions than answers....


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