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Illinois: Lawsuits, fund sweeps, and holding legislators accountable

Updated: May 20, 2020

On Friday 1/31/20, a lawsuit was filed in which the Illinois State Police is being sued for not processing FOID cards in a timely manner, leading to legal issues for citizens.

As discussed before, Mom-At-Arms broke this story on 12/2/19 and blah blah blah. The ISRA was working on it in the background, in which they released their info on 12/10 after our release started to spread thanks to getting picked up and sourced in the Truth About Guns and also by the gun rights organization, Guns Save Life.

While we do not know what they initially were going to do with the info they had, it’s a lawsuit now, so GOOD. That brings us to another issue: accountability.

In 2017, Illinois legislators were working on a fund sweep bill that ended up going nowhere. However, there was an amendment to that bill: