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Impeachment round 2 and the Democrats weaponizing their emotions to create division

Democrats are really pulling out their emotions in an effort to weaponize their feelings regarding the Capitol incident:

WASHINGTON — The speech, delivered before a rapt Senate chamber on Tuesday, will be remembered at the Capitol, probably for a long time, for its appeal to the still-raw emotions after the mob attack on the jurors’ workplace and courtroom.
Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the lead prosecution lawyer in the second impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, spoke of the horror of Jan. 6: what it felt like to hear “the most haunting sound I ever heard” as members of a pro-Trump mob pounded “like a battering ram” on the doors to the House chamber.
He spoke of seeing terrified colleagues. “All around me people were calling their wives and their husbands, their loved ones, to say goodbye,” Mr. Raskin said. He recounted how his daughter Tabitha and a son-in-law hid under a desk in another lawmaker’s office. “They thought they were going to die,” Mr. Raskin said. And he told of how he apologized to Tabitha for the ugly experience she had endured only a day after the family had buried her 25-year-old brother, Tommy, dead from a suicide, on “the saddest day of our lives.” Mr. Raskin said he promised her the next visit to his office would be better.
“Dad, I don’t want to come back to the Capitol,” Tabitha replied, her father recounted, choking back tears.

Let’s be clear here. No one that’s reasonable condones violence or mob action (except maybe when it suits their political interests, such as the MSM and the politicians they’re trying to help in regards to the summer’s riots of “mostly peaceful protests”). Mom-at-Arms even supported the efforts of individual Black Lives Matter chapters who are not associated with the questionable national organization.

We supported their right to protest and what they were protesting about, not the chaos that happened as a result, which was not done by the grassroots BLM activists that had their protests hijacked by bad actors with ulterior motives. The fact remains that those who were marching for the cause of Black Lives Matter (the real cause) were also defending those who were not with them (as shown in another example involving the grassroots activists) as the violence was not their mission and destroyed what they were trying to do.

So what’s all of this have to do with over emotional Democrats and the impeachment trial? Simple. This is all a charade that will do absolutely nothing to bring “healing and unity”, it’s only going to further fuel the fire of an already divided nation. Many people are ready to commit violence on both sides of the political spectrum due to the forced division (or maybe a better term is “non-compliance“ with one side of the aisle) and it needs to be stopped by everyone de-escalating. If Democrats and even Republicans want to heal, that’s done by stopping all of these circus events like a ludicrous impeachment trial and laying off hot topic issues (like gun control) and working to instead find common ground on issues that are less controversial. The emotional blabbering is only beneficial to create more hate and outrage, which leads to nowhere but bad things.

Now, some reading this will think we’re idiots for saying we would support and work with groups that we’re supposed to be “opponents“ of. The fact is though that although we don’t see eye to on on everything, we have some common ground in which we will work together on, such as stopping gun control. Our founder has done some fantastic outreach and through that, has made allies on a cause we all agree with: protecting and advancing the 2nd amendment. One example of this is with Black Lives Matter 757 (BLM757). Their leader has a similar goal to ours (bridge gaps, not divide) and is a hardcore 2A activist. They’ve also publicly announced their support for us and dissed a mutual opponent, Moms Demand Action:

Fact is, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action wanted BLM757 arrested and disarmed (she takes after her money man) because they participated in an open carry event in defiance of a new gun control ordinance in Richmond, VA. Here’s the text of the deleted tweet below. It got deleted after BLM757 called her out:

BLM757 is correct. You don’t ally by attacking. You find common ground (they’ve never been pro-gun control btw and participate in many pro-2A events) and work to build upon that. You don’t keep attacking the people you want to have a relationship with. Still, there are some people that just don’t care, even when folks attempt to educate and challenge a mindset:

Most of all though, if you want unity, you work towards it. You don’t demonize half the country and call them “terrorists” for just their politics and you don’t do things to fuel division. It’s a shame those in Washington D.C. can’t do that, but at least some of us peasants from all walks of life are making an effort to have unity, even if we don’t agree on everything (which is just fine, we are all Americans).....


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