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Is A "Gun Culture" The Answer?

Whenever a new School Shooting story hits the headlines, and Gun Grabbers go into, "Save the babies! Gun Free Zones! Ban Guns! RAAAAWR!!!", I IMMEDIATELY look for the subjected school's Student/ Parent Handbook online. I find it AMAZING that 100% of these handbooks all have ONE MAJOR THING IN COMMON... and I'm sure you've guessed it.

They've already set Gun Control Standards within and ARE Gun Free Zones.

The above images are for the three schools that you've seen in the media, most/ presently, over the course of the last decade. If you click on each image, it will take you to each of the institution's validated Student Handbook of the time frame to which each suffered a Shooting.

- Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT: 12/14/2012 Shooter, Adam Lanza was a former student and his mother also worked for the school at one point.

- Stoneman Douglas, Broward County, FL: 2/14/2018 Shooter, Nicholas Cruz was a former student, as well as his younger brother.

- Saugus High School, Santa Clarita, CA : (Most Recent) 11/14/2019

Shooter, Nathaniel Berhow a current student.

Exert from Santa Clarita's Saugus High School's Student Handbook:

Under no circumstances is a student to bring to school any weapons or dangerous object. This prohibition includes loaded or unloaded firearms, antique or collectors firearms, facsimile guns, toy guns, any kind of BB or pellet gun, stun gun, any knife (including pocket knives) or sharpened objects, explosives (including firecrackers) or any other dangerous object. Students are prohibited from possessing tear gas or tear gas weapons, such as pepper spray, on campus or at school facilities. Students violating these rules can be subject to SCHOOL CONSEQUENCES and POSSIBLE ARREST by law enforcement officers (Ed Code 48900).

And you'd guess right by thinking the other handbooks mirror this same rule.

I even took the time to look into the current rules and standards from the county that I went to high school.

Weapons of ANY description are STRICTLY PROHIBITED... hmmm...

All over the nation, school systems have implemented Gun Control within their halls and classrooms, so WHY are we seeing so many school shootings? Growing up, in my little po-dunk, redneck hometown, it was very rare for us to have these issues. I graduated in 2001, and although Columbine happened in 1999, we summed that up as some "crazed lunatic with a grudge." (Which was the case.) Even then, or prior to, in our area, if we DID hear of these issues it was because of the "city folk," from our Democratic Ran city that's located within our beloved farm country. I don't mean to sound smug or even sarcastic... BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH. My father was a country boy... who was a City Cop.

I think I was in my 11th or 12th grade US History class when the room next door sent the campus into commotion. A young man (originally from a city school) brought a gun to class and it went off. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the teacher handled the situation wonderfully. His excuse was that he feared for his life by people that wanted to hurt him. I can remember plain as day looking at a pal and saying, "Can't blame the guy for wanting to protect himself."

School wasn't closed. No one went into a panic. No news reporters. No marches happened. We went on about our daily lives. DONE.

So, where did we drop the ball from School Shootings being a rarity in society, to it almost being a norm?

Granted, the mainstream media DOES NOT HELP, but I had to dig a little bit further into this issue by reaching out to my "redneck town" buddies that I went to school and grew up with. Cause... technically... I grew up in a Gun Culture.

(All names of those who responded, as well as the institution(s) have been hidden for safety purposes)

If you knew anything about my hometown in Pittsylvania County, VA, you'd know that it is a very ACTIVE Farming and Hunting community... and HUNTING SEASON IS A BIG DEAL!

So, from reading the post/ comments above, and with all of those guns laying in waiting...

I mean... the hundreds... if not Thousands... IF NOT MILLIONS of firearms that my hometown has on hand, and that I was around 90% of the time....


Where were all of the School Mass Shootings when I was growing up? Notice the few who commented that they graduated AFTER I did, said that the rules changed and firearms weren't allowed on the premises AT ALL. Yet... not too long after those who graduated after me, graduated themselves, School Shootings became A THING!


Could it be that the government involvement in determining what's "PC" and what's appropriate for molding the minds of kids became an issue?

Read the handbooks from the schools I mentioned in the beginning of this article. Hell! Read your own kid's school handbook! THEN... read the responses to my post again.

Statistically, from what Gun Control Pushers claim in their propaganda, their canvassing, their grassroots movements- where myself and my schoolmates and neighborhood pals grew up around so many guns...

I should be DEAD right now.

So, is it Gun Control that's saving the lives of kids, or a Gun Culture?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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