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Johns Hopkins wants to train clinicians to red flag patients

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Wow! F these guys. Should come as no surprise it’s Bloomberg’s money shilling for this (and it possibly counts as Continuing Medical Education credit). Screw telling the truth anymore if you’re having mental health issues if this is the route they’re going to take. Sending an armed group of LE to confiscate your guns if you’re going to be honest about things is going to lead to more patients getting shot, killed or arrested for “resisting” when they don’t need to be. If you’re depressed or need medical help that would likely lead to an anti-gunner red flagging you, make sure your doc/shrink is pro-2A. Start here for that:

Next, physicians may be worried that patients are reluctant to talk about firearm safety. A 2016 survey of 3,914 US adults found that 46% of gun owners, 33% of nonowners living with an owner, and 30% of non-owners not living with an owner feel that it is never appropriate for physicians to discuss firearms with their patients. Although we do not know why there is such reluctance to talk about firearms with physicians, one could speculate that patients may not readily see the connection between firearm ownership and risks at home, may feel that physicians do not have the requisite knowledge to provide accurate guidance, or may feel that their physician would be critical of their gun ownership and want to avoid subsequent scorn. The physician-patient relationship is one that is based on trust and breaking this trust could jeopardize the patient’s willingness to return for future care.

To top off the course offered by Johns Hopkins, check out one of the 3 instructors:

Who’s that? The head of a freakin national gun control group:

Gun owners should take note of their doctor’s beliefs on firearm ownership IF the subject comes up. You wouldn‘t want this a-hole deciding your right to bear arms for you:

Nice ”Jussie Smollett“ attempt to smear of gun owners, doc. Did they open your garage and do this? Did they hide in the attic then?....


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