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Kamala and Gun Control's Aversion to the Truth

I have long known that truth is not gun control's ally.

They seem to know it, too, since they make it a habit of leaving it out critical details that threaten their narrative. Sins of omission are required to sustain gun control mythology.

Kamala's preamble to Joe Biden's gun control speech today was a glaring example of such. Here's a takedown: "I've seen with my own two eyes what a bullet can do to a human body."

Kamala, you're assuming, as you often do, that guns are used exclusively for violent crime, without recognizing once that this same lethal potential of a gun can stop violent crime, and, in fact, does, in far greater numbers than criminal acts involving guns. "And I've fought my entire career to end this violence." No, your primary focus has been to accrue power for yourself. Why else would a 29 year old just starting to climb up the political food chain have an affair with a 60 year old married man? "We aren't waiting for solutions, because they already exist." Indeed, your state has tried implementing the full range of "solutions" desired by gun control proponents. Hence, California's "A" rating from Giffords. Thing of it is, they have repeatedly failed, as your own tales of woe testify. Why should we embrace these failures just so your party can get more power? "As Senator, Joe Biden took on the gun lobby not once but twice, and he won." Were you referring to the Gun Free School Zones Act and the Assault Weapons Ban? The latter was proven ineffective. The former seems to fail regularly. Those are truly some impressive victories. I hope he has them on a wall plaque somewhere. "He helped pass the Brady Handgun Violation Prevention Act." Ahh, the hazards of reading someone else's words off a teleprompter. You mean the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. I'm not sure why you were trying to give Biden credit for that. Schumer was the one who introduced the bill when he was a New York Representative. I think all Biden did was vote for it, but, given Biden's history of plagiarism, it would not surprise me in the least if he tried to further his own reputation off someone else's work. "And has kept more than 3 million firearms out of the hands of dangerous people." I'm not sure I like how you phrased that. "Dangerous people" instead of criminals? What makes a person dangerous? I personally think it's a good thing to be dangerous when it comes to defending yourself against an attacker.

But, given the Left's obsession with "insurrection" since they got into power, despite their insouciance during the BLM and Antifa riots, I'm pretty sure they measure "danger" by whatever threatens their power, hence their insistence on tightening both gun control and speech control, but loosening voting access to non-citizens.

Getting back to the Brady Bill's results...3 million people. That's impressive! Was that 3 million since last year, or since 1994? Kamala, you don't really say, but Brady does, according to this article from 2016.

Let's assume, Ms. Vice President(*), you were armed with the latest and greatest data (snert), and that 3 million means people stopped from buying a gun since 1994. That's like, 125,000 gun purchases interrupted each year.

In the interests of comparison, if we take a fairly conservative estimate of defensive gun uses (from an Obama Administration commissioned study, to boot), there have been at least 12 million lives defended by armed private citizens in the same time period.

We do a better job managing gun-related violent crime than the government does. But, that's unthinkable to a "government is the answer" statist like yourself, Kamala.

"A year later, he worked to pass another law, to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines for ten years." I thought you might bring up the AWB, but you failed to mention how it wasn't renewed, after demonstrating it had no impact on violent crime. Can't let on that one of Biden's "victories" was a real nothingburger. "And as Vice President, Joe Biden led the Obama-Biden Administration's efforts to reduce gun violence." I noticed how unspecific you were about what he did. You don't bring up the PROMISE program, that empowered school administrators to turn juvenile crime into a numbers game so they could improve their ratings while not really addressing the problem?

That contributed to Parkland, you know. "He has seen the grief of all those who've lost loved ones to gun violence."

Too bad he can't see how his son lied on his 4473 form and passed a background check despite being a chronic drug addict, and managed to avoid a possible dishonorable discharge from the Navy (due to drug abuse) thanks to Daddy. That would have disqualified him then and there from gun ownership, and there wouldn't be the embarrassing sort of story that both the administration and their media allies are trying so hard to ignore.

Kamala, if you and Joe are willing to let this slide, you're not really that serious about keeping guns out of the wrong hands. So, pardon the rest of us if we encourage the Senate to give those bills the same sort of consideration you've been giving Hunter's gun fiasco.


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