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Kenosha Co. DA Filing Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse is a Gun Control Shill who goes after kids

On the night of June 5th, 2018, a 17 year old Chrystul Kizer made one of the most critical decisions that would change her life forever.


Flashback (and this is a major factor to this article):

In October of 2017, women all over the nation started coming together to discuss a major concern that plagued the "world of femininity." Awareness to such atrocities as Sexual Assault, Abuse, Rape, Sex/ Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence took center stage in our nation, even to the point that Hollywood Celebrities began to take action in helping. One celebrity in particular, you may find yourself laughing at these days, is the one and only, Alyssa Milano.

Remember #MeToo?

Yeah... we almost forgot, as well.

With high profile celebs, activists, and the everyday woman/ man, putting their fears of shame to the side, and telling the world about their experiences with sexual violence...with added hashtags and insignia... more and more people became aware about how truly common these issues are. Those, like Milano, also used the extra attention to bring focus to other issues that may play a part in abuse, like "Gun Violence." Of course, rather than educating people on self awareness and defense, they used this extra limelight in the MSM to highlight how when criminals are armed, Gun Control is the only "sensible" thing to keep them... "wholesome."

You're probably thinking, "Where you going with this, MAA?"

Well, aside from a year later (in 2018), Social Justice Warriors like Milano, took the opportunity to use the Bret Kavanaugh hearings, where Christine Balsey Ford alleges that Brett raped her, to expand on things like Sexual Abuse and even, Gun Violence. (Bret Kavanaugh is Pro Gun, btw) During this time, #MeToo branched off into what's now known as the #BelieveWomen campaign. So, you have a WHOLE YEAR of hashtag creating celebs and activists screaming about the voices of women, who are victims of sexual abuse, mattering.

Well, they forgot a young woman by the name (as mentioned in the opening of this article), Chrystul Kizer.

Quick Beakdown as to who Chrystul Kizer is:

  • Chrystul is a black woman.

  • Chrystul was 17 at the time.

  • Chrystul has a criminal history OF CAR THEFT.

(Let's get those things out of the way before going to the next)

  • Chrystul is a child sex trafficking victim.

  • Chrystul was sentenced to life in prison for killing her abuser.

  • Chrystul used a firearm to kill her abuser on June 5th, 2018.

  • Chrystul set fire to her abuser's home and stole his car (habit) in a panic to cover up and get away from what she did.

We don't know much else about Chrystul's home/ personal life at the time to give as to her carjacking habits, but considering her abuser had prior arrests and accusations on him by other young girls who did come from troubled homes- for paying them for sex, even filming it and then posting online or sending to friends... one could form the opinion that Chrystul probably had a tough background. In those pics and vids, dating back to years before June 5th, 2018... Chrystul was one of the victims.

Oh! We should've told you that Chrystul's abuser was a child sex trafficker and pedophile under investigation. Yeah. You probably came to that conclusion already, though.

At the age of 17 years old, Chrystul faced a life sentence in prison for saying #ENOUGH and defending her life in the best way she knew how.

People may ask, "Why didn't she go to the police?"

Well, living a life of grand theft auto doesn't really give you a good rep with authorities. Many also have stated, "If she's been involved in over 20 car thefts, then she'd kill, too!" That's not the case. Logic would tell you, "If she's been involved in 20 car thefts, why are all of the victims of her theft still alive?" You can scratch those thoughts off your list.

So, with all of that in mind, where's Alyssa Milano, crying on a TikTok while pulling her hair out invoking the #MeToo Movement on Chrystul's behalf?

Where's the huge #BLM "PEACEFUL PROTESTS" for Chrystul, considering her abuser was WHITE and the Police involved in the investigation of her arrest are under scrutiny for allowing a sex trafficker with a known past to remain free for months prior to his death?

Why is Jacob Blake, who has been charged for criminal acts similar to Chrystul's abuser's, being praised?




You've probably gotten to this point of the article and are now wondering, "What the hell does Kyle Rittenhouse have to do with any of this?" considering the title of the article, RIGHT?

Well, considering the recent events involving Kyle Rittenhouse, Chrystul Kizer, like Jacob Blake, is a Kenosha, WI resident. She, LIKE KYLE RITTENHOUSE, exercised their right to self defense as they feared for their lives?

(Random Thought: We wonder where Mom's Demand Action sits on Chrystul Kizer's case? Considering Shannon Watts's, founder of Mom's Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, daughter was raped around the same age as Chrystul... and Chrystul shot her abuser... at the age of 17... and Kyle Rittenhouse is 17... and he, too, shot his attackers... hmmm... )


Nay Nay!

The District Attorney that prosecuted Chrystul for using self defensive measures...

Wait for it...



Exert below from NY POST Article on Kenosha County, WI District Attorney in regards to Chrystul exercising her inalienable right to self defense.

Pretty much, Kenosha County, WI District Attorney, Michael Graveley is saying the same thing in the above pic as he's saying in regards to Kyle Rittenhouse: You don't have a right to self defense.

We think we know why Graveley says these things, though!

Kenosha County, WI District Attorney, Michael Graveley is a huge Gun Control supporter, who is well known for persecuting... I mean... PROSECUTING many who exercise their right to self defense with a firearm. Now, that's not saying he's not prosecuted ACTUAL CRIMINAL CASES, where guns were used in ACTUAL CRIMES... BY VIOLENT CRIMINALS, but it does go to show that he holds a little.. a lot of... bias... hence pic below from a Kenosha News article from late September 2019.

Since the media paid more attention to lockdowns and peaceful protests that included city block candle ceremonies (sarcasm), we felt like giving Chrystul most of the attention in this post, was the right thing to do. In a day and age where movement inspired marches/ protests built on bringing awareness to circumstances that Chrystul Kizer suffered through, have taken up space on most of the nation's calendars, and not one step for her by these large orgs. Sure, they gave what they could to pacify for any future criticisms, but Chrystul's hashtag never trended on Twitter.

We also wonder if Kenosha County, WI District Attorney, Michael Graveley is going after some other award, like when he was named Prosecutor of the Year back in 2016.

If so, he's contradicted himself greatly as he shared these words (article linked in above statement) at his award ceremony:

He dedicated the award to a young woman who was the victim in a sexual assault prosecution a number of years ago. Then 15 years old, the girl had come forward to say her step-father had molested her over several years when she was younger, coming forward two years after the abuse ended because she was worried her younger sister would become the man’s next victim. Graveley said the girl’s mother and family disowned her over the prosecution, and that she was forced to go into foster care, change high schools, and lose friends over her decision to testify against the man.
Graveley said he told the girl “There has never been a day in my life that I have done something as selfless and brave as what you have done.” He said when the job is tough he thinks of her. “I remember what she gave up and I try every day to honor her,” he said.

Can't help but wonder if he thinks about what Chrystul Kizer gave up after he helped send her to prison. Looks like DA Michael Graveley is just another Gun Control Shill.

**Additional Link on Chrystul Kizers case HERE


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