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Kenosha Co. DA Filing Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse is a Gun Control Shill who goes after kids

On the night of June 5th, 2018, a 17 year old Chrystul Kizer made one of the most critical decisions that would change her life forever.


Flashback (and this is a major factor to this article):

In October of 2017, women all over the nation started coming together to discuss a major concern that plagued the "world of femininity." Awareness to such atrocities as Sexual Assault, Abuse, Rape, Sex/ Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence took center stage in our nation, even to the point that Hollywood Celebrities began to take action in helping. One celebrity in particular, you may find yourself laughing at these days, is the one and only, Alyssa Milano.

Remember #MeToo?

Yeah... we almost forgot, as well.

With high profile celebs, activists, and the everyday woman/ man, putting their fears of shame to the side, and telling the world about their experiences with sexual violence...with added hashtags and insignia... more and more people became aware about how truly common these issues are. Those, like Milano, also used the extra attention to bring focus to other issues that may play a part in abuse, like "Gun Violence." Of course, rather than educating people on self awareness and defense, they used this extra limelight in the MSM to highlight how when criminals are armed, Gun Control is the only "sensible" thing to keep them... "wholesome."

You're probably thinking, "Where you going with this, MAA?"

Well, aside from a year later (in 2018), Social Justice Warriors like Milano, took the opportunity to use the Bret Kavanaugh hearings, where Christine Balsey Ford alleges that Brett raped her, to expand on things like Sexual Abuse and even, Gun Violence. (Bret Kavanaugh is Pro Gun, btw) During this time, #MeToo branched off into what's now known as the #BelieveWomen campaign. So, you have a WHOLE YEAR of hashtag creating celebs and activists screaming about the voices of women, who are victims of sexual abuse, mattering.

Well, they forgot a young woman by the name (as mentioned in the opening of this article), Chrystul Kizer.

Quick Beakdown as to who Chrystul Kizer is:

  • Chrystul is a black woman.

  • Chrystul was 17 at the time.

  • Chrystul has a criminal history OF CAR THEFT.

(Let's get those things out of the way before going to the next)

  • Chrystul is a child sex trafficking victim.

  • Chrystul was sentenced to life in prison for killing her abuser.

  • Chrystul used a firearm to kill her abuser on June 5th, 2018.

  • Chrystul set fire to her abuser's home and stole his car (habit) in a panic to cover up and get away from what she did.

We don't know much else about Chrystul's home/ personal life at the time to give as to her carjacking habits, but considering her abuser had prior arrests and accusations on him by other young girls who did come from troubled homes- for paying them for sex, even filming it and then posting online or sending to friends... one could form the opinion that Chrystul probably had a tough background. In those pics and vids, dating back to years before June 5th, 2018... Chrystul was one of the victims.

Oh! We should've told you that Chrystul's abuser was a child sex trafficker and pedophile under investigation. Yeah. You probably came to that conclusion already, though.