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Losing one's religion to silence the life of another

A few days ago a snippet of the new book by Taylor S Schumann was published as a teaser to the release "When Thoughts and Prayers Aren't Enough".

The controversy that Taylor is attempting to justify -- based on what is quoted in Christianity Today's opinion piece, is her conflating that supporting gun rights and being a follower of Jesus Christ is serving two masters.

And she is quite wrong. Based upon the premise that it is Taylor's position which is poisonous to the well being of others.

By her use of the suspected articles from the Washington Post (a known Anti-Human Rights publication in its support of gun control) to justify her claims that those who support the 2nd Amendment as well as "gun rights" as Taylor calls it -- are selfish.

She says she's angry that people are taught to hold onto their personal freedoms and "individual comforts" above carrying for real life human people.

Here's the issue, Taylor.

You are denying one of the key aspects of the gift that G*d gave humanity in our Life: Free Will

You state that those of us who are supporting the individual, Human Right of Self Defense - are glorifying guns; when that is the furthest from the Truth. The Truth that to respect and honor the Gift of Life by G*d, one must defend that life - and that is done by any means necessary. Which includes the use of firearms.

The gun violence you claim you want to stop, is not what you write it to be.

In fact, you are pushing a lie. An intentional Betrayal of the truth to justify your pettiness and selfishness

Why do I say you are a Betrayer and a Liar?

When you intentionally call suicide, violence. That is you not being the Good Samaritan, but you are the priest; for you ignore the fellow human in suicidal crisis by denying their existence and the care they need. When you call the despair, the loss of hope that the young men in the inner cities have, unable to provide nor help their families "violence", who turn to gangs/drugs as a means of income -- knowing that there's a potential heavy price of their life to be paid; you are the Levite who scurries away from the neighbor who needs help.

By refusing to protect your own life, the life of your family, your friends, your neighbor -- you shun the lessons of Jesus with your selfish position that others must die so that you should live.


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