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M.E.D.I.A.: Most Effective Devil In America

The headline says it all.

There are some questions swirling around in the media, as well as throughout social media, in regards to the recent news of a shooting in Denver, CO.

As many came together for a Pro Trump Rally in Denver, Colorado on October 10th, 2020, an altercation erupted among rally members and counter protestors. Many of those counter protestors being members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

One alleged counter protestor, whose affiliations have NOT been confirmed, was dressed in a piece of fashionable merchandise that's popular among Gun Rights Activists throughout the nation. As the argument got caught on camera just moments before, and within feet of, the shooting, many on both sides of the Gun Topic In America, started speculations of the affiliations of the man in the shirt.

The shirt in question and its slogan, "Black Guns Matter," was derived from a popular Gun Rights organization, by the same name, "Black Guns Matter." The organization's founder, Maj Toure' is a prominent figurehead and voice for Gun Rights, whose mission is to educate inner-city/ hoods on the importance of firearms education. He uses his platforms to break the media twisted narrative of black gun ownership in America, by offering classes on gun safety, handling/ storage, and conflict resolution. To help fund his efforts, especially for travel, he offers to the public Pro Gun merchandise. The "Black Guns Matter" shirt being a favored part of his inventory.

We here at Mom-At-Arms know quite well how a shirt, of all things, can stir the masses. Last year we created a shirt to troll Gun Control Madam, Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It wasn't of the same taste as Black Guns Matter's apparel, because our shirt was used specifically for trolling Watts, so it had our own twist... and it was NOT available for public purchase. Or at least we didn't promote it as such, so no one but Mom-At-Arms "staff" bought it. Once she figured out our goal, we received a pretty little Cease & Desist order from Moms Demand Action/ Everytown, so we ended "production." The kicker though, is after almost a year, Watts used the image of the same (fake) shirt to slander Virginia Republican Congressional Candidate, Nick Freitas, in order to raise funds for Democrat Congress member, Abigail Spanberger. You can read about all of that HERE!

As the media starts to dive head first into this Denver "Trump Rally" Shooting, and the connection between the gentleman wearing the "Black Guns Matter" shirt, we here at Mom-At-Arms would like to point out the obvious:

- The man wearing the shirt did not look to be armed. If he were, he did not pull his firearm during the altercation... meaning, he did not think his life was in that much of trouble to the point that he was out to take a life.

- If he were part of the violent members of Antifa/ BLM, where were they during the altercation? Why weren't they personally involved, like how they are 99.9% of the time?

And the most important thing to note:

- ANYONE... meaning ALL LIVES... can purchase this shirt. (Or any shirt in general, soooo... and considering the guy has had past issues with being a heathen at political events, its also safe to say he's a shill/ paid antagonist)

Moral of the story, guys and gals, the media will exploit this altercation to the max, pulling out bits and pieces to put us all against one another. ESPECIALLY if the media outlets are funded and support ANTI GUN RHETORIC (which most are).

Mom-At-Arms, from day ONE of our existence, and even prior, has worked hard to bring light to how propaganda from media outlets pushing Gun Control talking points, is the actual problem.

And because we appreciate Maj Toure' and the Black Guns Matter movement, we as a Propaganda Debunking outlet, identify with this other shirt design of his, a little more.

(Click the pic to get you one!)

The family and friends of the Denver Shooting Victim are in our hearts and prayers.

Also, in hopes that they may read this, to the gentleman in the BGM Shirt as well as those Pro Trumpers he was arguing with, please reach out directly to Maj Toure' and request a pamphlet on Conflict Resolution.


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