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Updated: May 20, 2020

This one may be a little longer than my last LONG one... but it's worth the read. Trust me!

When I started on this blogging journey, I never knew where it would take me. I've met some of the most AWESOME people ever in just a short bit of time. It's also led me to other opportunities, such as working a little in investigative journalism, and writing for Halsey News Network. Something I originally went to school for (it was cut short due to focus issues after my dad's death), so it's kind of like my dreams from yesteryear are fulfilling themselves a bit. LOL! To be honest, though, I never wanted the attention- personally. I never wanted my name or 'face' to become the focus, but more so, my words and what they represent. I'm a bumbling idiot on air and on camera, and I, personally, do not have some fascinating back story... unless you count me helping my parents acquire lots of debt for sending me back and forth to school. I'm no saint, but compared to many with detailed pasts, I've actually lived a very simple, straight and narrow life. Growing up the daughter of a Law Enforcement Professional, you learn to pick and choose your battles wisely, especially when your LEO Father scares the "Bajeezus" out of you with his stories. He did teach me one thing, though, and I carry it on me more than I do my pistol...

"There are bad people in this world, who only look to do bad, for selfish reasons. BUT! There are GOOD people in this world, who get caught up in bad situations, because of those bad people. You have to learn the difference, and show compassion to those who need direction, Jill."

I think I have for the most part, and because of this discernment, I look to help to expose those that DO BAD, as well as give a voice to those who WANT TO DO GOOD. Recently, I was in an interview with my Halsey Publisher (The Halsey, himself), with my new friend, Alexis Moore. Alexis is a Domestic Violence Survivor and Hero. Since coming face to face with Death, because of a BAD Person in her life, Alexis has dedicated much of her professional self to raising awareness, and helping give survivors of Domestic Violence a voice- in a non-PC way. LOL! (My kinda lady! Look out for my interview on Halsey News Network with Alexis. Coming soon!)

During that entire interview, I choked back tears. Here I am, some chick without a real life backstory to give some sort of basis for those who need it. I'm just a small town, farm girl, who tinkered and took advantage of what life has had to offer her. I'm not complaining or trying to brag, but there are actual people in this world that NEED help and NEED someone to listen. That interview opened my mind up to a whole new perspective of why my Right To Bear Arms... my RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE... is so important. So many people in this world, especially women, are taken advantage of, due to our psychological makeup.

Sorry ladies... but it's true. We are the "fairer sex" because our physical build and EMOTIONAL selves are way more complex than a mans. It's science. Even with lifting, squatting, and training on the regular, for many years- to make sure I keep a strong physicality... as well as being desensitized to many horrible things in life... put a newborn baby in front of me or a cuddly puppy and I turn to MUSH. Don't get me started on makeup and shoes!

So, for the proverbial Man Card that I carry because my Toxic Femininity says I can... I'm actually just a pile of emotions waiting for snugs, tacos and all the shiny things. We all are, ladies. Even if ya change yo cooter to a pecker. Suck it up!


Point being, we need to look into our personal safety and well being way more than anyone else. Doesn't matter your color, religion or upbringing... FACTS is FACTS.

Former Arkansas Republican Senator, Linda Collins-Smith was fighting to help expose corruption within Child Welfare Systems.

On June 4th, 2019, former Arkansas Senator, Linda Collins- Smith died, in her home, due to a gunshot wound. Linda not only had a high tech security system, but was also a concealed carry/ 2A supporter. Linda knew that her overall safety was very important. Unfortunately, a BAD PERSON did harm, and Linda is gone from this world. (Investigations are still ongoing to bring light to her murder). With my connections to Alexis Moore and Linda Collins-Smith, their activism for Domestic Violence Victims (Women & Children, alike) I have had many people reach out to me for guidance, education and even just for an "ear." I am so happy and humbled to be that "ear," which brings me to my new friend, Mandy.