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McHenry County 2A counter protest cancelled, but there’s more....

Earlier this week we published an article about March For Our Lives staging a counter protest to a pro-2A rally on 2/29. Well, they cancelled:

Now that they turned it into canvassing for candidates, they have to be VEEEEEEERRRRRYYYYY careful, as MFOL is a 501(C)4 social welfare organization. Per IRS tax exempt guidelines, they are NOT allowed to operate in a capacity outside of the mission statement of their organization. So when they’re canvassing on Saturday, they have to canvass based on gun control and their cause. They can’t just go around and shill for Democrats just because. Doing so is a big no no.

And wait a second.....”McHenry County Democratic Women’s Club” (last sentence)? Is a political party organization operating as a MFOL chapter in order to pretend they’re a social welfare organization???? If these people show up at your door Saturday record the conversation. Tell them you‘re doing so though. And say, this event has no mention of “gun violence prevention“ (not does the other canvassing events). What gives?!?!? Is this just another branch of the McHenry Democratic Party?

Further, here is a comment posted on this chapter of MFOL’s event:

She makes a good point about Bloomberg as well (except for the “he’s a republican” part):

Well, she better not support March For Our Lives then, as Bloomberg bankrolled them! Jeeze, these people need to research the groups they support...


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