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McHenry County, Illinois: March For Our Lives counter protest to oppose 2A sanctuary rally

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

On Saturday February 29, Chuck Wheeler, a board member of McHenry County, is hosting a pro-2A rally to help make McHenry County a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county. The county board chairman, Jack Franks (a Democrat) has refused to allow a vote on the issue. We have attempted to help spread the word about Franks and the McHenry county 2A sanctuary status before. Here’s the event for Saturday:

Well, the local March For Our Lives chapter isn’t having it. In fact, they’re recruiting for a counter protest:

What a bunch of BS. No one is saying there needs to be “unlimited access to guns”. Just more lies and false outrage from the civilian disarmament complex.

These are the same people that possibly violated state ethics laws in order to recruit for their gun control rally in 2018. The County Democratic Party, Moms Demand Action, and also a candidate (now seated) board member distributed material to Woodstock Public High School teacher/staff member in order for it to be distributed to students. A big no no for a political party to do:

Here are some of the distributed flyers: