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Moms Demand Action

Updated: May 20, 2020

One of many on this topic...

On December 14th, 2012, a 20 year old gunman, with a history of mental illness issues, walked into Sandy Hook Elementary school, in Newtown, Connecticut- taking the lives of 20 elementary students, and six adults. He then, turned one of his firearms on himself, taking his own life. (Out of respect for the families involved, I leave out the gunman's name.)

The next day, after a yoga session, founder of the Pro Gun Control Group, Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts of (at that time) Indianapolis, Indiana, put together a Facebook page/ group- to focus on gun control... or as she calls it, "Gun Sense." Mrs. Watts, a stay-at-home mom of five children, was once the former PR Director for the Monsanto Company... the agricultural company that's faced several lawsuits because...well... their products cause cancer.

Just check out the search link below. You'll find tons more info there!

Mrs. Watts' mission with her social media forum, was to reach out to women and moms, to discuss the importance of Gun Violence throughout America, and how to stop it. Sounds pretty admirable, in essence. What was originally supposed to be a small discussion base, turned into something much bigger almost overnight. The group's growth turned into Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and now, every state has a Moms Demand chapter in their midst. Donned in bright red t-shirts and mom jeans, these ladies (and some men) come bearing homemade cookies, pamphlets and yard signs, with info on how YOU can bring "Gun Sense" to your community.



Rewind back to 2006, real quick, and focus on New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg... the same billionaire that dropped around $18 million dollars to help enforce a tax on... SODA POP. Yeah... That guy! In April of 2006, Ol' Bloomberg and some of his Mayoral Buddies, got together and formed the organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). MAIG's purpose was to "make the public safer by getting illegal guns off the streets."

Simply put, but Bloomberg had other purposes for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. With the rise of his own political platform, it was no secret that his mission for MAIG was to challenge the influence and political stances of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

MAIG gained popularity quickly, and by the end of 2006, mayors from all over the country signed up for the cause. By 2013, Mayors Against Illegal Guns grew to more than 1000 members, and their portrayal to the public was that they were working hard to get these illegal guns off the streets. People believed it, until one mayor, Bob Scott of Sioux City, Iowa, wrecked MAIG's narrative when he resigned from the group, stating, "They're not just against ILLEGAL GUNS... they're against ALL GUNS." (Source link:

Others started to drop from the roster, as well, leaving gaps and questions from the public on what MAIG was really all about.



Bringing it back to late 2013, early 2014, Mayors Against Illegal Guns forked over enough cash to buy out Shannon Watts', Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America- merging the grouping into what is now called, Everytown For Gun Safety.

(Slide Show)

Okay! Okay!!! If you check out the info-graphics above... Mayors Against Illegal Guns "gave" Moms Demand a grant... which later led to their combination into Everytown For Gun Safety. Sheesh!

Still, as Everytown's Wikipedia page says, "Largely financed by Michael Bloomberg." He's got the dollars, so why not!?!

This newfound partnership gave Watts and Moms Demand Action a bigger platform (and pocketbook) to play with. Just check out the tax return info below!

(Source Links Provided... just click the pics! Yay!)

Notice those numbers... My My My…

One would say, "these grassroots organizations made a pretty little profit off of a mass shooting in America." (I'll let y'all do the math and weigh the dates.)

As the money flowed in, Moms Demand Action took the nation by storm with their cause- pushing their "Gun Sense" narrative to all that would listen. Not only did they share their pamphlets and homemade cookies to sway folks to give up their firearms by capitalizing on mass shootings in America, they also dove into Politics- campaigning for "Candidates For Gun Sense." In 2013, they helped my own home state of Virginia elect Terry McAuliffe into the Governor's spot- pushing what was once, one of the most 2nd Amendment supporting states in America (Right & Left Wingers alike), into a frenzy for Gun Reform.

Moving on, they helped in many Gun Reform (Gun Grabbing) Victories. For the sake of keeping this blog post "somewhat" short... here's the link to their brag page on their site:

Each victory for them, one notch out of the foundation of America... Our Constitution.

With each victory, their protests became more and more vocal. Their attacks on law abiding gun owners, along with their purpose of taking down the largest institution and advocate on ACTUAL GUN SAFETY in THE WORLD, the NRA, their mission became more and more clear. I think Bob Scott of Sioux City, Iowa, said it best when speaking about those Mayors Against Illegal Guns, "They're not just against illegal guns, THEY'RE AGAINST ALL GUNS."

The MAIG concept just carried over. Throughout the years of their creation, Moms Demand Action helped make Mass Shootings In America a popular topic of conversation, and rather than pushing for COMMON SENSE security measures, they continued to demean the Constitutional Right of Self Defense and Protection, that all Law Abiding Americans are entitled to- The Right To Bear Arms.

As Everytown, they now have a bigger microphone.

With their push for Red Flag Laws, universal background checks and the repealing of the Tiahrt Amendment, the newly founded Everytown for Gun Safety's main initiative was to fill the seats within Congress with more Gun Sense Candidates for years to come. They're not stopping anytime soon, either. On February 27th, 2019, Everytown for Gun Safety backed the Bipartisan Background Check Act of 2019 (H.R. 8- Universal Background checks) that passed the House Floor.


Parkland, Florida: MFOL

On February 14th, 2018, when 17 members of the student body and staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, were shot and killed by a 19 year old gunman who, like many other suspects in mass murders prior, battled mental illness problems. (Again, I do not mention the gunman's name out of respect for those who lost loved ones during this tragedy.) 17 others were critically injured in the mayhem that took part that day. Families lost loved ones and many went home with memories that no one should ever have to endure.

Heroes emerged that day as well, due to the many teachers, staff and even students, who helped shield one another from the array of bullets that flew out among the crowd. Names that will certainly be remembered in our history books from here on out.

Other major voices came from this horrible tragedy, with the student created March For Our Lives campaign (MFOL). A group of youngsters, who's hearts found their way into the mainstream activism in today's society.

Youngsters, who's number one priority should be to get good grades in school, have now become a major impact on the Gun Reform agenda- because Moms Demand and Everytown sunk their claws into the project with major funding, almost immediately.

New faces in the regime.

CHILDREN pushing political change.

Almost every week after the tragedy on February 14th, 2018, there was a march, a school walk out, a protest, or a "die-in" in a local grocery store... these kids were out to have their voices heard, all-the-while major corruption within Parkland Politics was being revealed.

By denying full protection and immediate aid, as well as already knowing the gunman's prior mental state, Sheriff Scott Israel proved himself to be a major factor in why 17 people lost their lives on Valentine's Day of 2018. To Moms Demand Action, Everytown and March For Our Lives, though, it was/ is the NRA, and its millions of member's, fault.


These groups, with the help of mainstream media, have pushed a narrative that pulls at the heartstrings of millions in our country. Headlines that read about turmoil and "Gun Violence," which overpower those that deliver factual evidence and logic in stories that prove that guns save many more lives, Every. Single. Day. The titles of articles have changed from, "Life saved by gun," to "Life of mugger taken by gun." Twisted words to appease a mind frame that's already been taken over by the rampant cries of those who we view as most vulnerable in today's society... Our Youth- and organizations like Moms Demand and Everytown keep shoving them further and further into the limelight.

Hearing a child tell you that you need to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop dying your hair a certain color... whatever... definitely pulls you into a reality that you didn't think you would ever have to argue. Hearing a child tell you that guns are bad and they need to go away, isn't any easier to many who've never been educated on actual Gun Safety & Responsibility practices. A child who's confused and aching for answers to their questions... you can't help but be pulled into the void of trying to understand, when you, yourself, have no knowledge of what you're talking about, either.

The mission is quite clear, when you have that education. Being someone who came from a world, where advertising and PR work paid many of my bills, I immediately saw the narrative unfolding with these Grassroots Groups For Gun Control. I especially saw it, because I, like many, am a responsible gun owner... and parent.


Moms Demand Action: 5 Point For 2019

Moms Demand Action has many things in store for 2019, building upon their many “successes“ in 2018. During a National phone call, held on February 21st, 2019, Moms Demand higher ups gave snippets of information as to how they are going to push “Gun Sense” in 2019.

5 Points For 2019:

- Work to keep guns out of the wrong hands by pushing to enforce background checks and closing loopholes

- Protect kids by supporting RED FLAG Laws- which allow Law Enforcement, Friends and Family to intervene. Limiting access to firearms and accessories in the home.

- Highlighting Domestic Violence Issues (more than half of women living in domestic violence, are susceptible to dying if a gun is present)

- Holding the gun industry accountable


These 5 Points can be summed up under two major initiatives: Educate yourself on the responsibilities and safety practices of gun ownership, and... understand that there are folks out there in the world that do not care about LAWS. It's that simple.


When Did We Get Here?

I could post images of many countries that have failed to recognize the importance of what WOULD have been their Second Amendment Rights... if they were Americans. Unfortunately, those many in those countries that allowed major groups to come in and take away their right to self protection... many lost the ability to be able to stand up against such tyranny.

How awesome is it, that WE live in a country, where our forefathers saw it imperative to give civilians the opportunity and ability to protect themselves from a Corrupt Government?

Sad that there are GRASSROOTS organizations, like Moms Demand & Everytown, out there that want to take these abilities away.


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