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Moms Demand Action/Brady Campaign leaders upset that civilian stopped Indiana mass shooting

No words. In case you missed it, in Indiana at the Greenwood Park mall, a 22 year old man that was conceal carrying stopped a mass shooter that was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. He saved countless lives. These people don’t want you carrying guns or owning guns. They want high body counts so that they can continue to push a disarmament agenda and fundraise off of tragedies.

She’s also hiding replies to her tweet, which are:

Just so everyone knows, Shannon’s organization praised Simon Malls (the management group of Greenwood Park Mall) for having a company policy against allowing people to carry on their properties.

Here’s the president of the Brady Campaign, who is calling the hero who saved lives a “vigilante”.....

Need anymore proof that these people want you disarmed and that they’ll vilify any civilian that steps up and saves lives?

UPDATE: mall management released a statement and praised the guy who stopped the massacre

The hero is also immune to any legal jeopardy under IN law.


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