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Moms Demand Action Can Have It

I didn't have to get involved with 2A Activism in order to tell the government, or Moms Demand Action, where to shove their gun control laws. I was living simply and freely way prior to Mom-At-Arms' foundation. Even with a gun grabbing governor at the helm, here in VA, at the time, I still did not give a frick.

I created Mom-At-Arms out of a "calling." Something told me that I had the smarts and the knowhow to counter Shannon Watts and Moms Demand Action, and that I was needed. Y'all, I was extremely pregnant (2016) at the time my activism took off. I could've been doing other things, but instead... here I am. I didn't get into this for fame or fortune, either. (Trust me. I pinch pennies for two things: My kid... and this damn website.)

In 2018, I decided that my thoughts, analysis and overall knowledge needed a space of its own, and that is when Mom-At-Arms came to be. I had a lot of support back then... as in Me... Jill, the founder/ owner of Mom-At-Arms. "Yay! Go Jill! You're really onto something! Yes!"

(Now? Not so much. I dare not ask anyone for a little boost, either. WOW!)

Mom-At-Arms was meant to be a resource for everyone in the 2A Community. I knew that social media platforms were becoming echo chambers, so because I have a little bit of a media & advertising background, which means that I know how social clubs work in order to sway the masses... I was like... "Let's intermingle the echos!" So, I opened the doors to MAA for contributors who wanted to poke fun at Gun Grabbers, as well as sweet talked a few folks into joining actual gun control groups in order to keep an eye on things. I didn't want this to be just my voice. I wanted MAA to become a home front for anyone looking for the truth in FREEDOM... not just guns. My team and I have done really well, too. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE (aside from 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control & Dana Loesch) has gone up against Shannon Watts & Moms Demand Action like us here at Mom-At-Arms. I mean... we went all in while most of y'all keep worrying about your image.

*Sigh* Don't worry, though. The sarcasm I have for y'all there comes to a bend in road, cause when you run a website where most of your contributors are "anonymous," I have had to take on EVERYONE'S image, and deal with the recoil all by myself.

Now? I'm just "the face."

Sadly, no one cares.

Mom-At-Arms wasn't meant to specifically be a shit-post site.

It was never meant to be a source of bias, except for on 2A matters... but, I wanted an open platform for discussion, so that SOLUTIONS could actually be found.

Mom-At-Arms was meant to help change minds and expand the perception of others.

"Truth through education. Community through support."... that was my goal at one point. My first little mission statement. I thought it was cheesy and needed some umph behind it, so I left it alone. Wasn't good enough. It's just a little blurb in a notebook, now. Looking back over the course of the last 4 years, I'm surprised I still have Mom-At-Arms in commission, too. I really am.

I have really enjoyed sharing news and knowledge with the 2A World, because some of y'all are really blind to what researching is, as well as critical thinking. Y'all expose yourselves, DAILY on social media forums. Some of y'all would fail the "E-Y-E-S" test." I'll also admit, it's hilarious.

I have also enjoyed getting to know a lot of you, and I'm honored to call many of you my friends. With that said, I appreciate the many of you who do check in on me, personally, and ask how I'm doing: Am I keeping my head above water, or sinking? That means a lot. Thank you for being genuine. It's a lot to manage something like this on my own or find others who have the same mission in mind to help. I'm in a constant tug-o-war and I just wanted those of you who actually give a damn to know, I'm so grateful for you.

I'm going to be turning the tides back around a bit here at Mom-At-Arms and start promoting more UPLIFTING content than the constant doom & gloom. Yes, as long as I have contributors, they'll have a voice, but I'm reiterating now, that it is not always my voice... or even my face... that speaks on this platform. Yes. Some folks speak out more than others, but I have opened the door of opportunity to do so without obstacles... unlike other platforms, btw... and that opportunity is still there... for anyone who is passionate about OUR GUN RIGHTS... OUR FREEDOMS... to step up.

I don't need this activism, but I certainly enjoy it. Thank you to those of you who truly care.

The drama that comes with all of this activism shit, though... Moms Demand Action can have it.


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