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Moms Demand Action founder applauds “Wild west pimp style” carry advancing in Texas

NOTE: This is a parody/satire article and not how Moms Demand Action or Shannon Watts is responding to the Texas legislature passing HB1927 and sending it to the governor‘s desk. Their founder, Shannon Watts, was so mad about this bill advancing that she went on a racial and gender driven rant (she was likely buzzed off of boxed wine, as she sent her post out at 11:33PM) about how elected white people cause all of our problems (much like how Hitler blamed everything on people based on religion and later moved to exterminate them. Scapegoats are needed to advance nefarious agendas). Yikes! Sounds like someone needs a Xanax.

With Texas constitutional carry sent to the governor’s desk, some surprising people are cheering on the new law. Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, decided to celebrate by walking Everytown’s red carpet dressed in a form fitting dress while wearing a purple pimp hat and holstered single action revolvers in a western style holster rig:

“As an average stay at home mom who’s organization poured millions of dollars to try and turn Texas blue and lost, I figured I’d just admit we got our asses kicked. Might as well celebrate the loss by accessorizing and looking good while doing it” Watts said in an interview with the NRA. When asked “what’s next for Texas Moms Demand Action members”, Watts replied “I’m not sure. Since we are bankrolled by Mike Bloomberg, we’ll likely be using our numbers to fight for another one of his pet projects, like climate change or maybe stop and frisk of minorities. Maybe we’ll just go with what the Chinese Communist Party wants as well. It’s all up in the air right now.”

Watts announced her change of heart to her Twitter followers:

You go girl! Glad you had a change of heart!

What’s not satire though is we have a Moms Demand Action backed Texas legislator to thank for the term “Wild West Pimp Style”


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