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Moms Demand Action members “put an alert out” on Mom At Arms

So last month, we posted this on Instagram:

Today, we were tagged in this post:

When clicking on the quoted tweet, this happened:

Viewing her profile from Twitter while not logged in:

When logged in under Mom-At-Arms:

We have never engaged her on Twitter. Searching both Twitter handles would pull up any interactions between us:

What does this mean? The moms know who we are (not a surprise, we know that lol) and like The IG post said, they block us before we can even engage them. Why? Because the are afraid of us (we don’t do anything bad, just call them out and FOIA them and stuff). Now, one of our writers, Heather (who’s also the DC Project director in neighboring North Carolina) should perhaps check and see if she’s blocked by this goon as well. If she’s not, she should perhaps start a conversation with this MDA member. After all, you should read Heather’s story. It’s one that Moms Demand Action members should take to heart as to why advocating for disarming/restricting women w/laws (or saying they’re too irresponsible to own guns) is a bad idea......

Click below for more:

”On March 3rd, 1994, I was a democrat. On March 5th, I was very pro-2A.....”

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Jeff Yungen
Jeff Yungen
Apr 09, 2021

Before I left most social media pages, I found myself blocked from commenting on Occupy Democrats’ posts. It was a bit disappointing, but I considered it a ‘Badge of Honor’.

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