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Moms Demand Action partners with Cook County SA Kim Foxx (yikes)

Updated: May 20, 2020

What‘s interesting is that MDA is ok with partnering/being used by Foxx in this press release, because MDA’s “safe storage” and “guns in the home during the pandemic” stuff goes farther than just what’s mentioned:

MDA focuses a LOT on domestic violence and access to guns during the COVID-19 lockdown, so why on earth would they ally with Foxx for a press release from her office?

Chicago police and domestic violence advocates say they were caught off guard this week when Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announced she was removing prosecutors from the domestic violence courthouse for 14 days after an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.
Except in the most violent cases, prosecutors have stopped accepting criminal complaints in person from people seeking the arrest of their alleged abusers. The office said it is setting up a way to handle the complaints by phone. Also, people are being told they can petition in civil court for emergency orders of protection, then return in two weeks for a personal review by prosecutors.
The cutbacks come as hotline calls are ticking up amid the stay-at-home order in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
Aileen Robinson, coordinator of the Chicago Police Department’s domestic violence program, said she and others were working with the state’s attorney’s office late into the evening on Wednesday to find a way to restore full services to the Cook County Domestic Violence Courthouse at 555 W. Harrison St.
"In fairness to the state’s attorney, they are scrambling to come up with a timely solution in a bad situation,” Robinson said. “But I was not informed. I was infuriated and disappointed. We are in a crisis.”
The lack of screenings by prosecutors makes it more difficult for victims to get criminal charges filed against alleged abusers, and it also means victims may be given misleading information by officers unaware of the changes. Officers give victims safety information when responding to calls, including how to pursue criminal charges.
Confusion caused by the changes could make victims less likely to trust police and call for help the next time they need it, Robinson said. “We are potentially giving hundreds of victims misinformation. And if the victim gets incorrect information from the police, will they call the police next time? Maybe not,” she said.

You’d think MDA would be outraged about Foxx shutting down the division that deals with domestic violence, but nope. They were quite and are now working with her to promote Be SMART (Everytown/MDA’s bogus gun safety program that’s nothing more than a gateway into their organization). Here‘s one of their instructors teaching “gun safety”. What’s wrong with this picture?

Them partnering with Foxx after her office stopped protecting victims of domestic violence to the fullest extent of their capabilities proves once again they’re nothing more than partisan hacks (MDA= More Democrat Activists I guess).


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