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Moms Demand Action policing social media for “offenders” of lockdowns

Updated: May 20, 2020

Get a grip, lady.

Must make her happy to bother a US Senator (practicing social distancing and all alone, btw):

But please, let’s all cheer on harassing people minding their own business while following the guidelines involving social distancing. God forbid someone wants to plant flowers in their home garden to pass the time. He’s a Republican though, so I shouldn't be surprised about the attack and for Shannon Watts jumping in and retweeting it.

I know it’s a wet dream for of all you MDA cultists to have the government controlling stuff, but you’re all just proving that you’re all ridiculous. You‘re the type of people who would call the cops on your neighbors because they were all hanging out in the front yard of one of their houses drinking beer even if they were 6 feet apart. You are all pathetic and are just loving the virus crisis because you have a taste of what a police state is like and how easy it is to implement.



(A medical professional who is on the “front lines” daily)


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