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Moms Demand Action targets 4Chan

Obviously the fools at Moms Demand Action don’t “lurk” enough on /pol/. Sure, lots of crap and racist stuff, but it’s also the place to go to get breaking news and see threads in which people are actively investigating stuff (when something good is posted, slide threads start appearing, which is mostly garbage meant to hide the good stuff). So, Moms Demand, maybe best not to poke at the folks that called on an airstrike in Syria using google maps, caused Shia Labeouf to go insane because they ruined his “he will not divide us” stunt multiple times, trolled the living hell out of “woke” women jumping on the BLM train, etc etc etc. The Chans are a place where even intelligence agencies leak documents in order to get shit done and moving for publicity, although so many slide threads and trolls try it as well:

The Chans have a lot of crap on it, but mixed in with that crap are some very talented investigators and people that do good (such as expose human traffickers). Federal agents even try and bait them/cause confusion (but of course, the autists caught on after a FBI search warrant was unsealed).

So, Moms Demand, don’t poke the bear too much. They’re much more skilled and smarter than your “commie mommies”.


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