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Moms Demand....Combat Experience?

We are 100% for women being able to serve in our nation’s armed forces, but tailoring combat uniforms for pregnant women is going a little far. Don’t you think flying in fighter jets and doing combat maneuvers pulling 7.5 g’s while pregnant (Joe’s maternity flight suits) is pushing it maybe just a little? Watch Biden speak below:

Again, let me be clear. Women can and should be allowed to serve. That’s not what this is about. It’s about an all volunteer military going a little bit too bonkers (politically correct/woke) to accommodate pregnant women for roles that maybe they should not participate in until after their child is born. Anyways, we have the perfect new recruits for this new initiative (we’re having fun here): the fearless astroturf soccer moms of Moms Demand Action who voted this Buffon (Biden) into office. Lace those boots up and get out there!!!!

Now again, this isn’t a bash on women in the military. Fact is, women soldiers have helped win some of the most brutal fights in history (such as World War 2, in which female snipers played a major roll on the eastern front). What does Moms Demand Action supporters think? All of that below:


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