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More conflicts of interest with IL Supreme Court justice that’s hearing the IL gun ban next week

Updated: May 13, 2023

If you've been following this story, a Mom-At-Arms contributor uncovered (brought back in the spotlight) some conflicts of interest (what some describe as blatant corruption) regarding two IL Supreme Court justices that are hearing the IL gun ban in the court. Main story here (and the problems it caused for the justices and the main defendant):

That even led to the government run Twitter page to start censoring tweets on their account regarding this story (guess the 1A doesn't matter either):

Anyways, next week the gun ban is set to be heard before the court, and Pritzker's bought judges refused to recuse themselves from the case (shocking, right?) and that has now set up a potential other legal battle based on the SCOTUS ruling in Caperton V Masey, in which SCOTUS ruled that state judges that receive large campaign donations from defendants in cases they're presiding over need to recuse themselves, as it shows preceived bias (judicial ethical concerns) and triggers constitutional concerns. Well, more has been unearthed on one of the justices in question: Justice Elizabeth Rochford.

Rochford was endorsed by gun control groups and was even bold enough to be pictured holding Moms Demand Action branding (yum, cookies!)

That's already been covered, as has all the money from donors and groups that flowed to her. But what hasn't been covered is some of the money Rochford herself threw out there, so let's focus on the above pic and Congressman Schneider. Schneider is a rabid anti-gun activist and politician. Here's what he runs on:

Limiting High-Capacity Magazines and Silencers
We should limit the sale of high-capacity magazines that allow for dozens of bullets to be fired without having to stop and reload. I also oppose relaxing regulations on the sale of silencers which would make the job of our law enforcement professionals more difficult and dangerous.
Restoring the Assault Weapons Ban
Since the original Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004, we've seen a dramatic increase in the number of crimes committed with these weapons. Military-style weapons have no place on our streets, and I—like the overwhelming majority of federal, state and local law enforcement—believe it is time to renew the sensible ban on these weapons.

Just this year, Schneider did this:

February 2, 2023
Press Release
This week, in recognition of National Gun Violence Survivors Week, U.S. Representative Brad Schneider (IL-10) introduced and supported several pieces of critical legislation to close dangerous loopholes, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and require safe storage of guns.
Schneider helped introduce:
The Assault Weapons Ban
The Keep Americans Safe Act to ban high capacity magazines
The SECURE Firearm Storage Act to prevent smash and grab gun store burglaries
The Default Proceed Transparency Act to close gun sale loopholes
“As we recognize National Gun Violence Survivors Week, we stand with those who have lost loved ones or survived gun violence,” said Schneider. “The legislation introduced this week represents our commitment to creating a safer future for all, and I am proud to have played a part in making these critical reforms. We must continue to take meaningful steps together to prevent future shootings like the one in Highland Park on July 4th.”
To prevent future tragedies, Congressman Schneider helped introduce the Assault Weapons Ban, led by Rep. David Cicilline (RI-01) (above).

Schneider LOVES his federal gun bans and is obviously thrilled his state passed one. One could say that Rochford being pictured with Moms Demand Action (and endorsing them, as they did her) and Rep Schneider displays a lack of impartiality regarding firearms and gun bans, but realistically, it's not enough (nor should it be). However, when a judge gives money to candidates that run on this stuff, THEN it cements the judge's stance on an issue. Pulling FEC records, Justice Rochford gave money to Schneider in the 2022 election cycle, same time as she was running to be on the ILSC (bankrolled mostly by Pritzker, House Speaker Welch and Senate President Harmon via his PAC). She seems to put her money where her mouth is.

Nothing to see her, folks. Judges just donating to politicians that enact laws. Justice Rochford will rule ethically and without bias, even though she is is bankrolled by the defendants (who helped pass and enact the gun ban), is endorsed by gun control groups, endorsed Moms Demand Action herself, and bankrolls/campaigns with federal candidates that run on gun bans. Oh, and she campaigns with the "mastermind" behind the gun ban, Bob Morgan (along with Moms Demand Action again)!

Btw, Rochford was sued by a client back in the day when she was a lawyer and lost. What was she sued for? Legal malpractice! Her loss/case is now used in state and federal malpractice cases to determine rulings.

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Mark Schmolke
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