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More sketchy “Shannon-igans” and the gun grabbing queen’s non-profits

On January 16, we submitted an article to that highlighted Some “Shannon-igans” with Shannon Watts and campaign contribution, two of which highlighted her husband’s business and one of her own non-profit she set up to recruit and train progressive women to run for office. In short, both the business and the non-profit (Rise to Run) didn‘t last due to being non-compliant with reporting deadlines. But there’s more...

According to documents filed with the Colorado Secretary of State, Shannon filed to incorporate Rise to Run on 4/18/17. It didn’t last long, though. As of mid-2018, they were getting dinged for being non-compliant:

In fact, their website has faded into the dustbin of internet history and is no longer able to be accessed. Why is this all important? Luckily, there is still one pdf press release that is able to be seen due to it being on Politico’s server, and you can see the people that were supposedly associated with this non-profit Shannon created:

Rise to Run National Advisory Board members include Brynne Craig, former National Deputy Director of State Campaigns and Political Engagement, Hillary for America; Donna Edwards, former Maryland Congresswoman; Ilyse
Hogue, President of NARAL; Sarah McBride, a transgender activist and National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign; Natalie Montelongo, National Field Director at Voto Latino; Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco and the Lieutenant Governor of California; Brittany Packnett, activist and co-founder of We The Protestors and Campaign Zero; Symone Sanders, democratic strategist and former National Press Secretary for Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign; Megan Smith, the United States' third-ever Chief Technology Officer; Kara Swisher, co-founder and executive editor of Recode; Jamia Wilson, activist and Executive Director of Women, Action & the Media; and Nanxi Liu, the Chief Executive Officer of Enplug, Inc. and youth advisory board member at the Lady Gaga Foundation.

Some pretty big names, yet some simple searches reveal no concrete hits. Take Gavin Newsom for example (Google search link here). Or