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Mum’s The Word For Moms Demand Action

Updated: May 20, 2020

Originally published on on May 9th, 2019

As the topic of Gun Control gets more and more popularity in America, we seem to have been seeing an increase gun related crimes. With over 22,000 Gun Laws on the books and our prisons overflowing with those who’ve broken every single one, you can’t help but wonder if Gun Control groups really have anything else better to do.

Apparently not.

On May 7th, 2019, STEM School of Highlands Ranch, a charter school in Douglas County, Colorado, became another involuntary fixture in today’s Gun Control debate, as they faced a tragedy of their own. Two students (an 18 year old and 16 year old) of the school, arrived with an agenda that day, which resulted in eight injured and one dead. The firearms that were used in the shooting, the 18 year old student stole from his parents. Both weapons were legally purchased.

The student gunmen had their first hearing on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019.

As the chaos commenced, other students and faculty members bravely charged at the gunmen to subdue them. One of those brave students was 18 year old senior, Kendrick Ray Castillo.

Kendrick Ray Castillo, 18, will be remembered as “A Legend”to his classmates and community. His immediate action and bravery on that horrific day, will go down in history as an example of true selflessness. Kendrick Ray Castillo is a Hero.

Due to the sudden loss of Kendrick and the fear of how the media would overplay the tragedy, other students from within the STEM School immediately reached out to the world, asking and pleading for the Mainstream Media and Lobbying Groups, NOT to make a political example of their experience. Many of the students starting social media accounts for the first time, in order to get their voices heard. Instead, they wanted to mourn and find a sense of peace with one another in a private manner.

This did not stop Gun Control Lobbying Groups, Moms Demand Action and March For Our Lives, from reaching out to the STEM Students in what seemed to be a humble show of support. The STEM Students caught on fast, though, and denied any extended ties to any political motives. This didn’t go over well with some of the Gun Control Activists, such as David Hogg of March For Our Lives.

The STEM Students’ requests were direct, leaving no room for misunderstanding… or so they thought.

On May 8th, 2019, a vigil to remember the student heroes from the shooting was organized. Many throughout the community joined in to pay tribute to those who showed so much bravery that day, as well as to pay their respects to Kendrick Castillo. The tides turned, when Moms Demand Action Leader, Laura Reeves delivered a speech on Gun Control, as well as how important it is to elect politicians like Colorado’s Democratic Congressman, Jason Crow and Senator, Michael Bennet (who’s also currently running for President in 2020).

Outraged and hurt, students within the crowd, along with their family members present, gathered their belongings and walked out of what turned into being a Moms Demand Action/ Gun Control rally in disguise. Gathering outside, the students and their families brought their voices together, and their chants filled the air…




Other than responding to critics through social media on the failed event, Moms Demand Action Leader, Laura Reeves claims that she knew nothing of the wishes of the students, other than it being a student led event… even though on the day of the shooting, students voiced their requests.

We forget one important player in this whole thing- Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action. As the attention and criticism is directed towards Reeves for her dismissal of the STEM Student’s requests, Shannon Watts, rather than sending a formal apology out to STEM School of Highlands Ranch, for the insensitivity exhibited by Moms Demand at the vigil, Watts continues to defame the NRA and one of it spokespersons, Dana Loesch.

As she did in the wake of the Poway Synagogue Shooting, Shannon Watts discredits the wishes and stances of the victims and survivors, by twisting the narrative to fit her political, and profitable, agenda. While many throughout the Nation try to find logical methods for protecting our youth, Shannon Watts continues to push her “Gun Sense” policies through the misuse of victim’s names.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Castillo Family.


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