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National Police Association hits at Moms Demand Action/Bloomberg for being anti-2nd amendment

Good! Moms Demand Action wants police to enforce (by the barrel of a gun) the draconian gun control legislation they help shill for, yet attack them at the same time for SJW political gain in order to grow their support base. Good to see the NPA doing this. Let’s hope more police organizations take note and follow, especially considering the internal issues with racism inside of Everytown, which is frequent and hasn’t been resolved:

In an email update from Dr. John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), and author of More Guns, Less Crime, Dr. Lott illuminates yet another disturbing anti-police trend. Something lefties might call intersectionality. Gun control radicals are saying police violence equals so-called gun violence—because cops carry guns. I’m sure we can count on the Biden administration to exploit this absurdity. In the email, Dr. Lott provides a link to a January 2021 articlehe wrote titled, “The Gun Control Advocates Mantra: ‘Police Violence is Gun Violence’” (PVGV).
Dr. Lott notes a Bloomberg-supported PVGV organization, The Trace, “is probably at odds with police in part because officers are so overwhelmingly in favor of gun ownership.” This is because cops know that most times, they will not arrive in time to prevent an intruder from shooting or killing someone. The federal and several state and local governments are currently in an anti-cop/coddle criminals mode. So, people had better arm themselves. Remember, keeping and bearing firearms is inextricably linked to Americans’ God-given right to self-defense.

Further in:

And then there’s the anti-Second Amendment group, “Moms Demand Action.” Dr. Lott reports that during an interview with Fortune magazine, MDA founder, Shannon Watts also said, “Police violence is gun violence and that’s why our movement must be responsive as well. We’re partnering with leaders and organizations who are experts against policing . We’re committed to working with them to address white supremacy and racism [inferred against police] at its roots. We are seeing an appetite among lawmakers to push through anti-police brutality legislation.” True police brutality is already a crime; they want to push through anti-police legislation.
Did you catch her slip up? Or maybe it was intentional, perceiving no need to maintain a façade. Watts used the phrase, “partnering with… experts against policing.” Not against police brutality or police violence, but overtly against police.

That’s right. So what are the goals of the NPA?

The National Police Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, IRS NTEE classification code B01, Alliance/Advocacy Organizations, within the Educational Organizations category, EIN 82-0647764, founded to educate supporters of law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals. The National Police Association is supported solely through contributions of individuals and organizations. Donations are tax deductible.

Seems that sending cops to enforce partisan gun control laws that put both the public and the officers in unneeded danger is NOT on their agenda......


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