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Neoliberal professor (and anti-self defense statist) wants Biden to dissolve the senate

Anyone else shocked that people that are against using guns for self defense are all for living under a dictatorship?

Of course, he locked his account after the backlash, but here’s who this little bald fascist is:

I expect to have several arguments quoted at me. One will be the right to self-defense and the preservation of one’s own life in the face of danger, to which I say (if the arguer is a Christ-follower) Christ himself rebuked the use of the sword upon his own capture, knowing capture meant his own death and the possible deaths of those associated with him. We must also examine the claim of self-defense when it comes to guns, as they aren’t elements of defense in the first place. As Professor Adam Kotsko said rather well:
“Guns are devices for causing grave bodily injury, up to and including death. That's their express purpose. Pretending that the purpose of a gun is to "defend yourself" is euphemism and sophistry. You cannot directly "defend yourself" using a gun. It's not a shield or a barricade. Nor can you shoot bullets that will intercept or deflect those being shot at you. You "defend yourself" with a gun only indirectly by threatening to kill someone — or actually wounding or killing them.”

Further, this guy watches too much Star Wars. It’s funny though, as he wants the Empire to control us all. Wow, what does this sound like?

The dissolution of the Imperial Senate was the suspension of the Imperial Senate by direct order of EmperorPalpatine in 0 BBY (35:3:5 GrS).
...To better protect our citizens and our member worlds, the Emperor has superseded and suspended the Imperial Senate for the duration of this emergency. The Moffs and the Grand Moffs will now have direct control over their systems until such time as the danger has passed. We are sure you shall all do everything in your power to assist us during this time of crisis.

If you’re ever wondering what side of good or evil your on, just remember people like Adam want Biden to be the emperor and for you to not defend yourself with a gun.

Adam said it himself best (I guess) 11 years ago. Too bad the dark side has overtaken him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if someone is trying to sell you a solution that purports to be “beyond Left and Right” and is anything other than plain old liberalism, what they’re trying to sell is fascism.


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