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New Zealand Red Flag confiscation shows the goal of these laws here in US (disarmament)

Red flag laws on the surface are meant to disarm people with intent to do harm. As always though, there is a deeper reason for them. Here’s a prime example out of New Zealand of how US anti-gun groups and people want red flag laws utilized.

Police raided the home of a controversial anti-government, pro-gun pastor on New Year’s Eve to seize a gun and ammunition after receiving concerns about a person’s wellbeing.
Carl Bromley, founder of the Life Connection Missionary Baptist Fellowship in Christchurch, received a voicemail and a letter in his mailbox explaining police had taken his rifle on the grounds they had responded to a concern regarding his suitability to hold a firearms licence.
He claimed officers “ransacked” his home in Avondale when they took his rifle, along with 500 rounds of ammunition and firearms parts.
A voicemail left by a police officer following the raid said: “Firearms licensing will be in touch regarding further inquiries regarding your suitability to be a firearms licence holder.”
“I have no criminal history, nor any complaint regarding firearms in the past. I still don’t know what this present complaint is based upon,” Bromley told Stuff.
Police said they had received information “relating to concerns around an individual’s wellbeing and the likelihood the man was armed”.
“Further enquiries by police resulted in sufficient evidence to enter the property under Section 18 of the Search and Surveillance Act, and ammunition and firearms were seized,” a spokesperson said.
“Efforts were made to contact the male but these were unsuccessful.”
Police declined to give further information on what the concerns about the individual were, saying an investigation was under way, and would not say if armed officers had carried out the raid.

Red flag laws will be used to target political opposition here in the US. That is the end goal of them. Don’t be fooled. Everytown is already open about their intent of these laws (extremists=anyone opposed to them or their agenda).


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