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News flash: Shannon Watts DGAF About YOU

It's time someone said it...

Dear Female Pro 2A Groups & Influencers of today,

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America... and Michael Bloomberg's Everytown Media Mouthpiece, does not give a f*ck about you.

You can write as many op-ed's on her position as you want. You can show off all of your guns and shooting awards, too. Send them to all the big gun pubs you can, but nothing you say or do can change her bought mind... soooo, NOTHING you say or do phases her... in the slightest.

How do I know?

Cause it took us here at Mom-At-Arms a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to get to the level where we might annoy her momentarily. We didn't get there on our own, either. We learned from the originals... like 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, who were formed by grassroots folks, SPECIFICALLY, to combat Shan Shan at her very roots. Like, IN THE MOMENT. You CANNOT forget them when it comes to wanting to combat Shannon Watts and her ilk. All these "new groups," that have NO IDEA about the foundation of Moms Demand Action, Watts and friends see as little distractions.

We here at Mom-At-Arms had to understand 1MMAGC's foundation, took what we learned FROM THEM, and then spent YEARS studying Shan Shan and her whole purpose. We played every angle with Watts. We still play every angle with Watts!!! WE ACTUALLY COMBAT SHANNON WATTS AND MOMS DEMAND ACTION FOR GUN SENSE IN AMERCIA.

Y'all coming in swinging, all hands and elbows, because y'all are triggered by something she said, to the point where y'all "combat" her with an emotional standpoint isn't doing a thing. (READ THAT AGAIN) Shan Shan, a media pro, is fueled by your little tantrums. She knows how to pivot (something I've brought up many times before) bad press. She's a master at it.

The ONLY time we here at Mom-At-Arms throw a "Shan Fit," is when we know she's watching us... and she does. She watches US more than she looks at y'all. How do you not watch someone that has exposed you and your pals from every angle in a short period of time, and has pushed the envelope just enough to stay legit to find out more?

Yes! Everyone knows Gun Control is Racist, so therefore Shannon Watts is racist.

YES! Everyone knows Gun Rights Are Women's Rights, so therefore Shan Shan is a misogynist.

Repeating these things is all fine and good, but you're not doing anything to really set Shan Shan straight. You never will be able to. That girl is sitting pretty, telling her assistants what to tweet all day, while you struggle to find decent ammo at an affordable price.

Those of us on "the ground" and undercover, FOR REAL, in gun control circles, understand this. Our Mom-At-Arms moles have to laugh at you because Moms Demand Action members laugh at you at their meetings. It's sad when our moles say that the MDA members have good reason to laugh, though, so they can't help but genuinely laugh, too. Honestly, some of y'all are really late to the game. The hashing it out in court rooms & at legislative levels? Yeah. That helps a bit. The passive aggressive op-eds in gun pubs? Doesn't do a thing but give them a bit more of an ego trip. The real combat is on the ground. It's calling them out directly, through their "windows." It's understanding you're going to get blocked, reported, called bad names, etc... It's coming to grips with the fact that in order to really take them down a peg or two, you have to mimic their work and make it your own. You're going to have to get dirty and give up personal (organizational) fundraising and pass the buck onto another org outside of your arena, to get the boost you're looking for. It's going to take actual, time, research and effort to understand the psychology behind Gun Control groups... not just the politics.


Until you come to grips with all of that, Shannon Watts Does NOT Give A F*ck About YOU.

Might be time for y'all to put y'alls egos from your endorsements and media appearances aside, and listen to us little guys who have done the work... and actually have the proof that we are a thorn in Shan Shan's side. Just sayin...

Until then, y'all keep on doing the same thing over and over, and getting nowhere. Y'alls shirt & patch colors are cute and stuffs...

Shan Shan knows what ours look like, though.


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