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NJ Democrat who wants ALL GUNS REGISTERED has sons who use guns in crimes

You can’t make this up!!! As usual, hypocrisy is never absent from gun grabbing politicians. Today, New Jersey Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman wants all of us to register all of our guns because that’s somehow going to keep us safe (BS, we all know gun grabbers just want to be able to disarm us peasants by the barrel of a gun when the time is right):

Typical tyrant. Now, while she’s demanding we do this and becoming criminals if we don’t, her own sons are no strangers to crimes with firearms in the early 2000’s when they were in their 20’s:

TRENTON — County officials have confirmed the Mercer County Parks Commission has hired the son of the Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-Mercer), who was elected last week to the 12th Congressional District.
William Carter-Watson has been hired as a laborer with the parks commission with an annual salary of $33,153.

Carter-Watson and another son of Watson Coleman, Jared C. Coleman, were sentenced to seven years in jail after holding up the Kids-R-Us store at Mercer Mall as it was about to close on March 12, 2001.
When reached by phone Wednesday, Watson-Coleman declined to speak about the hire.

“I don’t have any more comment on that,” she said.
Coleman has acknowledged her sons' arrest through the years and sponsored an Assembly bill that became law in August that bars companies with more than 15 employees to conduct criminal background checks on candidates during the interview process.
“One of the greatest barriers to a second chance in the state of New Jersey is a barrier to employment,” she said in December 2013.

What kind of scumbag (both of them!) do you have to be to hold up people at gunpoint at a f__king kids’ clothing store?!?!?!?!? Also, so cute how mom then uses her position to make it for her scumbag sons to get jobs easier, and at the expense of city taxpayers?!?!?!?!? Here’s an article on the sons when they were arrested (hahaha paywall, defeated!):

William Carter-Watson, 21, and his brother Jared C. Coleman, 19, said nothing while Municipal Judge Paul Catanese read the charges.
They were both held on their original bail of $122,500 for the older brother and $120,000 for the younger brother.
Their attorney, Robert Obler, said he wasn’t sure if either brother would be bailed out yesterday
“This should have been done on Friday,” said Obler, who complained that yesterday’s court appearance was unnecessary, as such charges are normally referred directly to the county court. “(Catanese) has no jurisdiction once this became an indictable offense.”
Watson and Coleman have been sent back to the Mercer County Correctional Center where, if they fail to make bail, they will remain until they appear before Mercer County Superior Court Judge Charles A. Delehey.

The third suspect to plead guilty yesterday — Bryant Y. Coon, 20, of Ewing — also was sent back to the correctional facility in Hopewell.

Coon smiled for the camera at yesterday’s arraignment.
A fourth suspect, Sheldon B. Jordan, 20, of Ewing, was ordered held without bail yesterday on robbery charges and an unrelated attempted murder charge.
In addition to attempted murder, Jordan was charged with aggravated assault and weapon possession offenses for the alleged Feb. 19 stabbing of another man in Ewing, Mercer County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Lytle said.
Jordan, who was arrested last Thursday along with Watson and Coleman, was said to be the getaway driver in the robbery.
Two of the thieves allegedly wielded automatic handguns while the third was armed with a silver revolver during the March 12 robbery. Police allege the three suspects trained their weapons on the terrified employees, forcing them to lay on the floor, while they robbed one cash register and the store’s safe.
The four were picked up by Ewing police on arrest warrants issued by Lawrence police Friday.
If convicted of first-degree armed robbery, all four face prison terms of 10 to 20 years.
Yesterday, prosecutor Lytle told Delehey that he had been provided with only sketchy details of the two unrelated charges involving Jordan.
In addition to the alleged stabbing of a victim, identified only as Frederick Lee, Lytle said Jordan was involved in a Dec. 4 domestic violence matter in which he allegedly brandished a handgun and a sawed-off shotgun at a woman, identified as either his girlfriend or his wife.
“This suggests he is at least a very dangerous individual,” the prosecutor told the judge.
Jordan’s lawyer, W. Les Hartman, called the domestic relations matter “a he-said, she-said situation.” He also challenged the validity of the identification of his client as a suspect in the Kids R Us robbery case.
Delehey said he would reconsider bail for Jordan later this week once the charges against him are clarified.
Police said Jordan waited outside the Mercer Mall store in a getaway car, while the other three gunmen barged through the store’s front door shortly before the 9 p.m. closing time.
After training their handguns on the terrified employees and forcing them to lay on the floor, the thieves robbed one cash register and the store’s safe, escaping with an undetermined amount of cash.

But remember folks, to the New Jersey congresswoman, we gun owners are the bad guys that need to be punished and be watched……..


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