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Not all heroes wear capes, some carry guns

This man is a hero. He stopped an accused rapist from leaving the scene after raping someone.

This is why good citizens being armed has a positive impact on society. He is a hero. A good guy with a gun saved the day and will help bring justice to the accused rapist’s victim.

On a side note, Moms Demand Action will likely be upset about this legally armed hero saving the day, as it happened in a Kroger grocery store and the hero was carrying in it:

Members of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America are kicking their pleas up a notch by including print and digital advertisements for the first time in one of the group's corporate campaigns aimed at Kroger to prohibit the open carry of firearms.
The ad campaign, titled "Guess Which One," includes a series of images that feature subjects carrying semiautomatic rifles inside the supermarket chain, whose stores allow customers to carry guns. They appear standing next to other people who are disobeying the company's in-store policies.

Now we all know their true eventual goal, and that is more complete gun free zones:

So, if it were up to Moms Demand, more businesses would be gun free zones and people like the rapist would have gotten away to rape again (like Shannon Watts’ daughter’s attacker, who is free to rape and ruin another woman and family):


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