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Not the Tool, but the Heart.


Just a "handful" of miles north east of my hometown is the little county of Halifax, VA. Many traveling through Virginia will actually venture within it from time to time, especially if you're heading to Virginia Beach from a more southern locale. You'll drive through farm lands, ranches and business districts. A few industries sprinkled here and there, and lots of dirt roads branching from the main highways.

Growing up, it was where most of us kids in my hometown "ran away" to, in order to find a new level of boring. A better word to describe Halifax, VA from the outside during my youth, was "Quiet." Very rarely did you hear much about the area, unless they were getting a new restaurant or a NASCAR/ VIR driver was seen at a local gas station. If a fishing tournament was happening, the area was all the buzz.

Like most things, with time, a dullness factor seems to take over. As the years went by and I got older, I can remember my dad, always overly protective and inquisitive of my whereabouts, warning me not put too much hype into the Halifax area. With the Progressive style government filtering down from Northern VA areas, Halifax, VA started to become a central hub for many of it's, and the surrounding areas, crime. Over the years, things like babies being left in the woods, cousins raping their little cousins, public intoxication, attempted murder charges while hanging at a local bar... stuff like that! I could go on and on, but I figured I'd jump on one of the most recent headlines before Shannon Watts and her minions with the Virginia Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, get their claws into it.


On Monday, May 27th, around 6pm, authorities were called to a home in Halifax, VA, in regards to an unresponsive, 5 year old little boy. The child was rushed to the local hospital, where after a few hours, he was pronounced dead.

The next day, the child's mother, 31 year old Tonja Syndor, and a 22 year old Kory Lennon, were arrested on multiple charges. Tonja Syndor, faces a charge of second- degree murder and a felony charge of child endangerment. Kory Lennon also faces a second- degree murder charge, as well as a felony charge of purchasing/transporting a firearm in violation of a protective order, and a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Both are being held without bond.

Medical examiners found that the child's death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head.


Although, extremely horrible, this scenario serves as a perfect example as to how Moms Demand/ Shannon Watts will use it to fit their agenda. They'll more than likely state that Kory Lennon should not have been able to purchase firearms without an extensive background check.

Ya see... that's where I come in... and Shannon Watts and her Moms Demand cohorts can suck it.

Kory Lennon is a former employee of the company my husband represents. I do not know the nature of his departure from the company, nor do I know the job Lennon performed. I DO KNOW that the company- because it has plants Nationally and Internationally- does run a variety of background checks on its employees... at National, Federal and County levels. The same type of background checks that Shannon Watts/ Moms Demand wants to run on those who want to purchase firearms... aka Universal Background Checks. Isn't that something? So... if Lennon passed his b/g checks to get a job at my hubs' company, then that means that his ability to pass a b/g to purchase a firearm was also legit.


I'll repeat...

Lennon passed his b/g checks to get a job at my hubs' company, that has plants Nationally and Internationally- who run extensive background checks on their employees... then that means that Kory Lennon's ability to pass a b/g to purchase a firearm was also legit. According to his most recent ability to make a headline in Halifax, VA, though, Kory will be losing his rights to firearm ownership for a while.

His felony charge of purchasing/transporting a firearm in violation of a protective order means: The State of Virginia is an Open Carry state. Any law abiding citizen, over the age of 21 years of age (unless issued ability by VA Courts) are able to purchase and carry a firearm for personal protection, openly. Kory Lennon was exercising that right... BUT... he had a little piece of paper against him, stating that he was suspected of being/ or wanting to inflict harm against someone else (more than likely a former domestic partner). "Protective Order"

So, per Commonwealth of Virginia Law, because he had that little piece of paper against him (a protective order), Kory Lennon was not permitted to have a firearm in his possession, nor was he able to LEGALLY purchase one. Guess what, though!?! HE STILL DID!!!! Doesn't matter how he got it or where it was at the time of his arrest, HE WAS BREAKING THE LAW while under watch for BREAKING THE LAW.


What's even better... for the point of this blog article... is that regardless of how he obtained his firearm- whether it was passing a background check or not, Kory Lennon faces a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon. I know what you're thinking...

"But, Jill! You said that in the state of Virginia, you could legally carry a gun if you're 21 (or with written judicial consent)!?!" I did... but I also said, The State of Virginia is an OPEN CARRY State. Kory Lennon, if he were a law abiding citizen, could legally carry a firearm OPENLY. In other words, the firearm cannot be hidden, stashed or covered... aka... "Concealed." In order to carry a CONCEALED Firearm in The State of Virginia, you MUST obtain a CCL (or CHP)/ Concealed Carry License (or Concealed Handgun Permit).


Is this setting in?

Do y'all understand, now?

Even more so, IF Syndor and Lennon were not even in possession of a firearm, at all... the cause of death of that poor little 5 year old boy, was blunt force trauma to the head...

Doesn't matter the tool used or the background check to see if a person is fit to use that tool...


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