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Nullification of IL AWB begins

Updated: Jan 28

(This article turned from an announcement into a sort of "master list" of sheriffs rejecting the IL AWB. I guess you can say it (article) was used like the IL lesgislature guts and replaces live bills in order to ram things through last minute. The resistance has angered supreme leader Pritzker, and he wants to fire people now....).

1/16/23: as referenced in Timcast (Tim Pool) and Colion Noir, as well as on 1/18/23, Washington Gun Law.

Today (1/10/23), the IL house passed the senate version of the AWB. Nullification of it before the Governor signs it had already began. Out of Perry County, IL:

And this out of Adams County:

More to follow.

Update 1 1/11/23:

Illinois State Police emailed all IL FFL's immediately after bill was signed:

Now, read this (part of the law) and use your imagination as to what can be done with emergency rule making power regarding this stuff (nevermind that this is irreverent under Bruen, as "safety" and "public interest" are no longer factors in laws/rules post-Bruen)....

And another breaking update (1/11/23) out of the McDonough County Sheriff's office (posted on FB) and Ogle County Sheriff's office, as well as Lee County .

Add Winnebago, Lasalle and Knox County Sheriff now as well

They just keep Pouring in today....