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Oh nooooos. Anti-gunners are mad about drive-through FFL’s (ATF approved) in response to COVID-19

Updated: May 20, 2020

First, what they’re mad about. Second, I love the fact they’re mad

And the president of the Brady asshats:

Take a moment to laugh at them, because they’re not only blatantly lying about stuff (still gotta do a 4473 and background check to buy that AR-15 you ass clowns), but their agenda is crumbling before their eyes.

To add even greater insult, the ATF’s clarification in the letter is nothing new, further proving that anti-gunners don’t know shit about current laws/guidelines regarding FFL’s.

The Brady Campaign be like:

The Brady Bunch should just stick to what they do best: exploiting shootings and victims for political gain.


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