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One heck of a call out via a Rhode Island newspaper op-ed

The guy who submitted this rocks.

Jennifer Boylan applauds Gov. Gina Raimondo’s “accomplishments on gun safety” (“Raimondo’s gun-safety gains,” Commentary, Feb. 3). Ms. Boylan describes herself as “a volunteer legislative lead for Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America."
According to the secretary of state, Ms. Boylan is a registered lobbyist for Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. Everytown has a P.O. box address in New York City and is funded by the eighth richest man in the world, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The “Moms” are a subsidiary of Everytown.

Yup! It appears now that Everytown lobbyists are using the “volunteer“ angle to submit op-eds to spew their crap, as she failed to disclose that in the op-ed she wrote:

Thank you for submitting your counter op-ed and helping expose this, Richard. It’s a very good read.


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