As COVID-19 spreads through America, gun sales rise- prompting a bigger call for Gun Control by Gun Grabbing Extremists. Where's the hype from these new age, high profile Civil Rights leaders, as lawmakers use a health crisis to infringe on American Rights?

In today's society, mention, "NFL" or "Pro Football," and more than likely you'll get an opinion or two about boycotting teams due to flag kneelers. Colin Kaepernick's name will come up a bit, and so will something along the lines of, "Celebrities and sports stars should keep their mouths shut about political matters."

** Before reading any further, just know, there's no reason to preach to the choir, here. As the daughter of a former Law Enforcement official, with a many active duty and Veteran family members... I TOTALLY GET IT! BUT... for the sake of someone who agrees with celebs, like Kaepernick, that may be reading, let's reach beyond the choir a bit. **