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Phone In My Stall

So, I had this whole write up finished Saturday night, on Gun Safety... for those newbies looking to get y’all a little piece. Well, I read it yesterday morning before posting and it literally bored the daylights out of me. If anyone who knows me personally, they’ll tell ya, “JillyO doesn’t do boring.“ Considering that I spent the weekend out of town and downing a few rum & cokes, followed by some brewskies... (Mama had a blast)... I really don’t know how the boredom factor entered into my writing. Weird, but maybe for the best! HAAAAAAA!

Anywho... I had the pleasure of using the potty (#1 for you inquisitive types), and as I looked over to grab the TP, I noticed a good ol telephone. WITH A CORD!!! First thing I did? I took a pic and sent it to a friend- who immediately told me it was if I needed help wiping. HAHAHAHAHA!

Second thing, after I sent the pic to a few more pals? I picked it up, of course!!! It immediately started ringing, which led to the front desk clerk of the hotel I was staying at. I sat there for a couple of minutes, having a discussion about what his favorite pizza was and where I could get some. (His suggestion was pretty awesome, by the way!)

Why am I sharing this with you? Well... I look at Gun Ownership the same way I do a telephone in a hotel toilet stall. The tiles could become slippery, you could fall in or even get stuck... who knows!?! The rarity (if at all) of that happening, you have a means to get help. As my dad always told me, “It’s best to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” So, I was grateful for the phone in my stall. Considering the condition I was in, it came in handy for a little bit of humor to go along with my night.

I view gun ownership and carrying in the same way. No! I don’t PLAN on being mugged or even in a situation where my life is at risk, but I do plan on staying safe, daily. That’s the main reason I carry a firearm. I love my life and the lives of my family and friends so much, that I am willing to protect them to the fullest. That simple.

Firearm ownership should NOT be something you walk into blindly, either. Do some research before buying! Go to your local gun shops and ranges... ASK QUESTIONS!

There are 10 SUPER IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask yourself, as well, before buying your first firearm.

1. Why are you buying a gun?

2. How many guns do you need?

3. Do you have a SAFE & SECURE place to store your gun(s)?

4. What’s your budget?

5. What kind of gun do you need?

6. What kind of gun fits to YOUR hand?

7. Practice makes perfect, so how much time are you willing to invest in going to the range?

8. Are you going to take the time to effectively teach your family about guns and gun safety... as well as continually re-educate them often?

9. Will you need additional accessories?

10. Are you prepared for the MAJOR responsibility as well as the accountability of owning a firearm?

Ironically enough, these are almost the same questions I ask myself when shopping for toilet paper. I mean... I don't personally use, or allow my family to use just any ol' TP. Goes to show, the more common sense you have when buying a necessity, there comes a level of education to it. This also goes for making sure you take the time to understand the laws of your home state in which you plan to carry, and what the requirements are to own and possess a firearm. I cannot stress this enough. Continual education on firearm safety and expectations, as a law abiding citizen, is extremely imperative. Its up to us, as these law abiding citizens, to lead by example and break the narrative that Gun Control activists want to push.

Yes! A gun can do serious damage... IF in the wrong hands! It's no different from a hammer. Hell! My own mother keeps a .38 Special in one night stand safe... AND A KOBALT NAIL GUN IN THE OTHER as backup. (True Story) Stay ahead of this issue by doing your part and educating yourself. is the most PERFECT study guide for Gun Safety... or as these Gun Control groups call it... "Gun Sense"... and the NRA has been giving and standing by this info FOR YEARS! Gun Grabbers want to make "guns" the "bad guy." Their mission is to make profit off of criminalizing good, law abiding folks. They don't care about your safety anymore than the next criminal/ LAW BREAKER does. That's the bottom line here.

Even if they took away every gun in the world... there is always going to be something else, some idiot will take advantage of and misuse. Then there will be another activist group protesting the snot out of it for some pocket change.

So... Educate before you jump on any bandwagon, but don't be afraid of putting the overall safety of you and yours ahead of some political agenda. It's YOUR right!


Most people don't take the time to educate, which is a shame. A gun is a tool, like any other, just like the nail gun you described. Both can be a benefit, but equally destructive. Knowledge is power, thanks for giving people that power :)


Like x 1000000.

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