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Possible tyranny in NY: gun seizure

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

The morning of 11/4 was not a good one for Ronald Azar. His side of the story may be seen here:

The post DID in fact go viral:

Further information on his account of the incident was gathered, including that he is NOT a criminal (background check conducted as well):

Ronald stated that police were called to a neighboring apartment, which is what started all of this.

Ronald was not charged with any crime, and as of today, the police will not release his weapons back to him.

A Freedom Of Information Act request has been filed. Perhaps the Suffolk county PD can explain their side of things, as it appears that many of Ronald’s civil rights were violated (redactions on request).....

It’s also worthy to note that Suffolk County has been extra aggressive with red flag seizures since they became law, which in this case does not seem to be what happened. What appears to have happened to Ronald is much worse.

Suffolk County is being more aggressive in using the state’s new “red flag” law than any other place in the state.
Court data this week shows that Suffolk County has the highest overall number of requests to cut off a troubled person’s access to guns. It also shows that Suffolk County has widely outpaced neighboring Nassau County on these “red flag” requests.
So-called “red flag” laws are on the books in about a third of U.S. states. It allows a court to temporarily seize guns from people believed to be a danger to themselves or others.
Critics of such laws raise due process concerns.
Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart credits the county’s high petition numbers with outreach efforts.

Answers for what happened are needed, and those answers are needed NOW. His firearms were taken and he has not been charged with a crime. A right delayed is a right denied.


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