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Psaki: rifles and pistols are defensive weapons....but only when used by Ukrainians

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

So nice that the people who are trying to ban/limit rifles and pistols here see them as defensive use in a foreign land. As usual, Americans don’t get the same treatment as folks abroad. Yes, they are at war, and us here at home would like to have the same means to protect ourselves here should war break out in the US. It can happen...

Video in tweet.

Oh yeah, and anti-gun strongholds like New York will donate people’s guns for use in Ukraine.

US officials have approved the transfer of 60 rifles donated from Long Island citizens to aid fighters in Ukraine.
Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman two weeks ago launched the citizens gun donation program to help Ukrainians defend themselves from Russian invaders. Rifles were dropped off at a licensed gun store, SP Firearms Unlimited, in Franklin Square.



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