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Shannon Watts finally understands the 2nd amendment?!?!?!?

Be it known she supports rioting and terrorism (not to be confused with lawful protesting), but it appears ole Shan Shan finally has come to the realization that the 2A is important:

She hasn’t engaged Trump yet, so leaving this here (we know she will):

And here’s what Watts is outraged about:

So, Watts is worried that her Antifa buddies are going to be shot and killed by, in her mind, a “tyrannical government“. So, how would Watts suggest that Antifa fights back? With words? Calling their representatives? Baking cookies? Or perhaps now she’ll say that her and her allies need to take up arms to fight the US military since they MIGHT be used to stop domestic terrorists (not the protestors that are legally armed, legal open carriers, and people protecting their communities she despises so much).

My oh my I love when the shoe is on the other foot LOFL!!!!!! Just remember Shannon, no 30 round magazines and AR-15’s, k? Your buddies don’t need them because they’re “military style assault weapons” and “have no place in the hands of civilians”.

note: Watts is an idiot and this is only pointing out how hypocritical and wrong she has been since she began her bogus advocacy to disarm Americans. We do not support Antifa in their Antics when it comes to rioting, inflicting bodily harm, and destroying property, but Watts seems to.


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