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Shannon Watts on how the United States was founded: “Fuck You”

Nothing says “I love my country” such as a statement like this. Shannon is a modern day Redcoat:

The NRA isn’t lying. Colonists, regardless of their military status/background, took up arms against the British. From the town blacksmith to the tailor, and even women, regular people grabbed their assault rifles of the day and shot the British. We wouldn’t exist otherwise. Not surprising though, the folks Shannon pals around with are not too fond of tradition and instead look towards the (potential) future of a post-American dominance world. This is shown with some of the people involved with Everytown, who are a bit to cozy with Chinese communists. Click below to see:

So, would you rather align with people who love this country and how it became to be (a rebellion against tyranny in which the underdogs were victorious), or would you rather pal around with folks who associate with those who have no understanding of individual freedom & liberty and instead want government control of mostly everything like the Chinese? I know what side I choose.....


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