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Sheriff responds to condemnation of Police by getting armed citizens involved: Kyle Rittenhouse

(I originally wanted to get this article out a couple of weeks ago, but looks like the timing of publication seems to be now considering recent events.) You may have already read about the Douglas County, NV Sheriff who on, August 8th, 2020, told a Douglas County, NV library that if they were going to condemn police with their support of BLM, then, they can just handle all the crime themselves.

“Due to your support of Black Lives Matter and the obvious lack of support or trust with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, please do not feel the need to call 911 for help,” Coverley wrote in a letter to the library published Monday. “I wish you good luck with disturbances and lewd behavior.” - Douglas County Sheriff Daniel Coverley per a Washington Post Article.

After a follow up meeting with the Douglas County, NV Public Library's director, Sheriff Coverley responded to reporters,

“This has been a difficult time to be a law enforcement professional and can be disheartening when we perceive that our office may be under attack. My response was rooted in my belief that these issues need to be openly discussed in a way that values diversity and law enforcement.”

Honestly, we can't blame Sheriff Coverley for his response. When originally learning of this happening in Douglas County, NV, we immediately thought, "Um... EXTREME, Sheriff Dude!," but then, instead of JUST going by the WaPo article (linked within above) and sifting through all of the social justice pandering from the Douglas County, NV Public Library, about BLM and encouraging diversity and whatnots... we looked into Douglas County, NV's crime rate. IT WAS THEN, we understood EXACTLY where Sheriff Coverley was coming from.

Douglas County, NV is a major go to mark on tourist's maps as they travel from California, or into Nevada going to the west coast. Stateline, NV which is the home of many casinos along the Nevada border is ranked at 41% (of 100% being the safest) per Neighborhood Scout, which pulls data from the National Crime Index. The majority of all crime within Douglas County happens in the Stateline area. When areas of the nation that house casinos and other gambling venues are usually subjected to higher crime, but even compared to the NATIONAL Index- although the % is still high- Douglas County Sheriff, Dan Coverley and his office do a fantastic job at regulating the crime. DCSO's extraordinary crime control, in turn, makes Stateline's crime rate very low compared to the rest of the state- and the areas surrounding Stateline- like Minden, Gardnerville, and Genoa... SOME OF THE SAFEST.

No wonder Douglas County Public Library backtracked and found a compromise with Sheriff Coverley. Hmmmm... ?

Well, something y'all may not know, is that AntiFA and extremists within BLM didn't take too kindly to the unity between the Library and the Sheriff's Dept... coming together for the people of Douglas County, NV. They had a full blown hissy fit, which I'm sure you'd guess. The fit was so big that they called for Sheriff Coverley to be recalled and planned a massive protest in response, which included the promoting of destroying the Minden, NV Sheriff's Office. Knowing how these protest groups have taken things to new extremes, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office sent out a kind invite to the citizens and the local Militia to protect the area and the people.

This invite by the DCSO became something unexpected. HUNDREDS of Militia members, from all over the state showed up, AS WELL AS... THOUSANDS OF ARMED CITIZENS stepping up to protect their homes, businesses, and one another. With reports of AntiFA & BLM groups from Oregon, Las Angeles, Berkeley, Colorado and more, as well as many of their look out vans spotted throughout several Nevada locales, once they got word of the Militia and Armed Citizenry numbers coming, too... they bailed.

Pic courtesy of NV Militia Members for Mom-At-Arms

The good ol Mainstream Media immediately twisted the event into some big racial ordeal, where local and state wide "White Supremacists" supposedly intimidated concerned Civil Rights groups from within and outside of the state. (Pretty much how the media twists everything these days) And you'd guess it... the Militia members and the armed citizens are what they labeled the "white supremacists" and the AntiFA & BLM groups (who are mostly white) were painted as the poor innocent souls that needed to be coddled.

Truth be told, from those who actually showed to protect themselves and the area from the chaos that tends to follow BLM & AntiaFa groups, the event was like a big meet and greet. People from all over the state, many different backgrounds, came in support of the DCSO's successful attempt at maintaining not only law and order, but peace in Douglas County, NV. Militia members who were there stated that Sheriff Coverley also provided doughnuts and burritos for those who showed up for the cause.

One Militia member who attended, who also wishes to keep his name anonymous (So we will call him Greg Gary), stated, "I am very skeptical of cops, and even support police reform, but this was the the best interaction with law enforcement I've ever had in my life." Greg Gary also goes on to say that the Sheriff and Deputies treated the Militia members as if they were colleagues by communicating with them and even extending invites to help guard in other areas.

And rightfully so!

Militia Leaders didn't back down to playing PC to spare BLM or AntiFA's feelings. Instead, they called out the Reno, NV AntiFA leader... and if you fast forward to TODAY (8/28/2020), you'll find it odd that Reno, NV's AntiFA leader shares a similar background to that of the three attackers of Kyle Rittenhouse- the Illinois teen who killed two and maimed another on in the early morning hours of August 26th, 2020 during a protest in Kenosha, WI.

Pics above are the rap sheets of Gaige Grosskreutz (the man that Kyle Rittenhouse "disarmed"), then Anthony Huber (who beat Kyle Rittenhouse with a skateboard and lost his life in doing such), and lastly, there's Joseph Rossenbaum (the first to lose his life, who walked around all night long antagonizing individuals participating in the riot. He lost his life after throwing what was presumed to be a plastic bag with a substance while chasing Kyle Rittenhouse). Each man, a convicted felon... each man illegally armed. Tsk Tsk...


Back to Reno, NV AntiFA leader, THE ONE AND ONLY, REVEREND AARON... or better known as, Aaron Alvarez...per what it says on his criminal record and the Nevada Sex Offender Public Website.

The Militia Leaders who were part of the event in Douglas County, made sure that Alvarez knew they were watching him and that his identity as a Registered Sex Offender WAS known to the public there. Alvarez proclaimed that he had pulled his time to indicate that he wasn't a risk. Well, per the Federal Government, Alvarez being a Tier III Sex Offender, he's actually considered a MAJOR RISK to the public.

Sex Offenders, once they pull their time, are given a risk label once they re-enter society. Some may be such a risk to the public that they require a form of supervision by authorities, and you may not ever know about them. Granted, if you do find out and have a freak out moment, make sure you get all the facts and look out for the warning signs that will indicate that they still ARE a threat. This doesn't mean go rallying and shooting up the neighborhood because YOU are offended. Its TRUE, some folks make mistakes in life. Many go to prison for such and pull their time, then they go on to rebuild their lives and try to forget their past atrocities. If they have no intentions of doing harm, have learned from their mistakes and pulled the time for their crime, let them be. BUT! There are people like Alvarez (as well as the 3 attackers of Kyle Rittenhouse) that you need to look out for. Sex Offenders... Domestic Abusers... Violent Criminals... Pedophiles... again... yes! Many who pull their time, but unlike someone who's learned their lesson and building a new life, its a HUGE RED FLAG when they end up joining violent, anarchist groups like AntiFA or BLM. Or even FAR 'whatever political side' groups like Gaige Grosskreutz's The People's Revolution, who helped organize the Kenosha, WI "Protest."

(You know... the kind of groups that have been destroying and burning down neighborhoods all over the country in the name of "Civil Rights.")

So while Mainstream Media outlets paint folks like Grosskreutz, Huber, Rosenbaum... and even "Reverend" Aaron Alvarez as "Victims of Society and White Supremacy," it goes to show a lot about the Nation's public response. If THOUSANDS of armed civilians and Militias are joining together all over the country in response to these so-called "peaceful protests," that anarchist groups like AntiFA and BLM are organizing, its almost a guarantee that more Kyle Rittenhouse's WILL EMERGE.


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