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Sig Sauer, cancel the $5.5mil order from Mexico. It’s a drop in the bucket in overall revenue

As we all know, Mexico (yes, the Mexican government) is suing the big names in gun manufacturing (Beretta, Ruger, S&W, Barrett, Colt and Glock) with the help of the Brady Campaign, which if you didn‘t know is a gun control group. They blame those companies for their own domestic problems revolving around cartels and misuse of guns. Absent from that list among the big names is Sig Sauer, which it turns out is in the middle of the deal with the Mexican government to sell them $5.5 million worth of machine guns:

WASHINGTON, Aug 3 (Reuters) - The small arms maker Sig Sauer Inc has sought U.S. approval to sell millions of dollars' worth of automatic assault rifles to the armed services of Mexico in a deal that will help to modernize the country's military, people familiar with the situation said.
The U.S. Congress was notified last week that the Mexican Navy and Naval Infantry are in line to purchase as much as $5.5 million worth of automatic rifles made by Sig Sauer.
The deal could be controversial because in the past weapons sold to Mexican authorities have found their way into the hands of criminals. Mexico's drug war violence has largely been carried out with weapons from the United States, imported both legally and illegally.

Yes, we know gun manufacturers are competitors. Business is business most of the time. However, Mexico leaving them out signals that they have obvious interests to not piss off Sig Sauer. We hope that Sig Sauer sees how this looks to not only their competitors, but also to the millions of people in the civilian sector who purchase their products for self defense and personal use. Sig Sauer can afford to tell Mexico “deal’s off” and stand with the firearms community. Not like they don’t have many other government contracts around the world. $5.5 million is a drop in the bucket compared to their annual revenue of “$325 million”.

Thumbnail image credited to Guns & Gadgets.


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