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The “father of modern gun control activism” committed suicide in prison

First, this article is not meant to mock Mark. It’s to point out the seriousness of mental health and doing dangerous things. Mark Glaze committed suicide in prison on 10/31/21. The fully story on that and his background here. As you can see, the gun control groups and his allies are paying their respects (leaving out his actions as to why he committed suicide, obviously).

This is why he was in prison (where he took his own life). From September of this year. Safety was not going through his mind when this happened:

As you can see, he was drunk driving at 2pm. His actions put everyone’s life in danger that day, and he easily could have killed someone (almost did). The person he hit was lucky. It also apparently the first time he was arrested for DUI. In 2020 apparently:

Update: it is confirmed that Mark was a serial offender with DUI’s. While the above is not 100% confirmed, this one from February 2021 is confirmed, which makes it almost obvious why he fled the scene in September 2021, as with multiple DUI’s and being on probation for one, his life as he knew it was likely over and the book was going to be thrown at him in court:

This reckless behavior is clearly signs of a mental health issue in which he was self medicating to deal with it. Taking his own life (and leaving a child behind) is even further proof that Mark was suffering from severe mental health issues. Please, don’t self medicate. It makes things worse and leads to situations like what Mark got himself into. Further, these people need to stop lecturing us on “gun safety” (re: gun control), as guns, like cars, are only as dangerous as the person operating it.


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Larry Spencer
Larry Spencer
Nov 23, 2021

Someone should write a book compiling tales of the members of MAIG and the ignominious and often hypocritical scandals that ended their careers and sometimes even their lives. It would make a perfect mini-book of the type that GOA likes to put in their swag bags.

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