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The left attacking minority owned business and owner’s immigrant parents who attended 1/6 DC rally

The tolerant left strikes again!

Tank Noodle in Uptown, a well-known and well-loved Vietnamese restaurant, is under fire online after its owners posted pictures of them headed to Washington D.C. for Wednesday's Save America Rally.
So many customers have posted scathing reviews on Yelp that the restaurant review site shut down their page.
"We're getting calls from people threatening to burn down our establishment," said Thien Ly, owner. "I found a shotgun shell was placed in front of our business this morning."
Thien Ly said he took his parents, who are Vietnamese immigrants, to the nation's capital with innocent intentions.
"We came there to stand up for what we believe in," he said. "We came to the Save America rally at the eclipse [sic] and we left shortly after the president concluded his speech."

Welcome to the Democrats’ America. Now, here’s what’s happening. You’ll notice the very high overall review:

At the time of this article, they closed 2.5 hours ago. Here’s some of the comments pouring in now: