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The Real Pandemics: Tyranny & Complacency

You said they weren't relevant.

You said to ignore them and they'd go away.

That, they only wanted their 15 minutes of fame.

They didn't, though. Gun Control activists have just became more apparent and the media absolutely loves them.


Reality Check: Mass Shootings... Senseless Shootings... Violence in general... will never go away. With that said, neither will Gun Control Organizations.

That's the reality, guys and gals.

Few in the Gun Rights world understand that. So many others tend to HIDE and fall back into their bubbles. Waiting patiently for Gun Control to affect them personally. They don't care about the rest of the nation, as long as THEY are, by THEIR standards, unaffected. Sure, they can poke at a computer keyboard all day long, but another reality check... that's not activism.

ACTIVE is the root word to ACTIVISM. To be an activist and wanting to initiate change, you have to be physically ACTIVE in your community for the change you want to see. You have to be hands on.

Change is scaled on the notion of what you did TODAY vs. YESTERDAY, which influences TOMORROW.

That's how this works.

Where those in the Gun Rights world make use of their computers and pics at gun ranges, the Gun Control world has moved beyond phone calls and emails. They have teams who, not only wo-man the phones, but weaponized social media platforms, while others within their folds "take it to the streets," and engage in community efforts directly. They protest and counter protest. They hold meetings around wine boxes and their monthly fancy cheese orders.

They even volunteer for food drives and carpools!!!!!

And WE in the Gun Rights world, wonder how their deep and diverse followings grow so rapidly.


They're active.


And another reality check...

It doesn't take millions of dollars and billionaire funding to become active.

All it takes is people willing to do the work and be... ACTIVE.

Calling Gun Control Groups like Everytown, Moms Demand Action, or March For Our Lives, "irrelevant," is actually irrelevant. These groups, their founders, and spokespeople are very... VERY... relevant. YES... its funny to watch them prance around on their high horses of nonsense... but... in the last year, hundreds of new Gun Control laws have hit legislative tables, with very prominent laws passing... like Red Flag Laws. Its not over either! More and more are expected to come back to committees, soon. Some are those that have been seen before, but didn't make it. Some are ones that have been tweaked to be meaner.

We are not facing a viral pandemic, folks.

We're not facing a gun violence one either.

We're actually facing TWO pandemics.

Tyranny and Complacency.

Two things that are taking over our culture and freedoms. Way too many people talking (including "writing") a good game, but not enough taking action.

What are you willing to give up in times of turmoil within society? Is your ability to stay home and watch it all burn from your couch more important than being active in your community, in order to avoid it all together?

Have you made peace with the tyranny ravaging our nation?

Are you cool with giving up freedom for a "FEELING" of peace?

If that's the case... what are we fighting for?


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