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This is what your money gets you when you pay for a FOID or concealed carry license in IL

We exposed the financial misuse (or lack of use) of funds meant to facilitate FOID cards and concealed carry licenses in Illinois back in late 2019. It ended up becoming a federal lawsuit. Well, not too much has changed in July of 2021. Check out this article from Guns Save Life and look at the massive errors happening when cards (both FOID and concealed carry) are being sent out to people LOFL.

The past legislative session (2020-2021), Democrats (and some Republicans) in the state legislature were pressing to “fix the FOID” by throwing more money at the State Police Firearms Services Fund, buuuuuut we know for a fact it’s not being used, as millions of dollars are lapsed every year from that very fund. .

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Will Ford
Will Ford
Jul 10, 2021


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