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This week’s “anti-gun cuck of the week” award goes to.......Burt Constable of the Daily Herald

Virtue signaling to the extreme right here. In short, an anti-gunner got some heirloom guns, tried to sell them, couldn’t sell them because they were crap condition wise, proceeds to give them to the local PD for destruction and is celebrating his decision. Money wasn’t an option it turns out (not like another gun store wouldn’t buy them lol) and he’s celebrating his actions like he’s some SJW hero. Taking screenshots because quoted texts turns the format funky.

So, as you see, he tied in his own emotional insecurities with the guns, worked in current events that have nothing to do with the guns (they’re f*cking old tools and have nothing to do with the cases he mentioned) , and when he couldn‘t make a buck, he surrendered them and wrote a “I’m a good boy” article on the whole ordeal making himself out to be a hero. What. A. Cuck. Oh, did you catch that even shotguns now are seemingly on the same level as AR’s and other rifles? Yeah, see where this is going?.....

This guy’s article and grandstanding is an epic fail.

EDIT: comment someone left in regards to the reporter’s story:

The shotgun is his private property; he is free to dispose of his private property as he sees fit. And, if he wants to engage in empty posturing in a public venue, thereby showing himself to be a blithering shit-head; his First Amendment rights allow him to do so.

His bullshit story was not calculated to sway the minds of gun owners; only the most rabid anti-gun fanatics would believe his specious account of his father driving to a neighbor's house (not once; but twice) to "borrow a shell". And if this tale had any credibility at all, it shows how much faith his father had in his son's overall maturity and judgement; maybe he had better insights as to his son's state of mental health?


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