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Time for an official ethics complaint against VA Senator Marsden?

Updated: May 20, 2020

As we mostly all know by now, Senator Marsden is no friend to second amendment supporters. In fact, he uses his capacity as an elected official to target them directly and often mocks them. From 2016:

What that statement says is that he believes the efforts of 2nd amendment (a civil right protected from government overreach by the US constitution) supporters who lobby are linked to the deaths of people. He doesn’t want to hear them.

On July 5 2019, Senator Marsden wrote on op-ed for the Washington Post. Part of the Senator’s article:

On Gun Lobby Day each year, I am visited by members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. They are all good people and see themselves as responsible gun owners. However, none of them knows whether they or a member of their family will one day use their guns inappropriately or unlawfully.

Contradicts his cute banner, doesn’t it? Says he views them as “good people” and makes it a point that they (not him) “see themselves as responsible gun owners”. Also in his article:

The responsible social drinker at age 25 cannot foresee a day when he or she is a problem drinker and a domestic abuser. Nor can a family predict that depression could lead to the suicide of a beloved wife and mother. Many times, an unsecured gun is the cause of an accidental shooting, usually involving a child. Responsible gun owners often think these things won’t happen to them. But they do.

He’s now stating that “what if’s” should be grounds for legislation. Do you drink occasionally? Well damn! You don’t know what you’ll become and you might be a domestic abuse! Further, since we can’t predict depression, we gotta do something about guns! Responsible gun owners just don’t understand that!

Fast forward for most recently, where the good senator was caught on hot mic while doing his duties as a legislator comparing constituents expressing their displeasure to gun control to “little kids”:

Sen. David Marsden: Are you going to stick around for the 10 o’clock gun nuts?
Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn: These people are crazy.
Marsden: Yeah just like little kids.
Filler-Corn: Do you think they will stay calm?
Marsden: Yeah, as long as we don’t respond to them.
Filler-Corn: Yeah.
Marsden: We will get though this.

After that, he expressed his true feelings again via email:

So, we have a legislator that makes and votes for laws that targets the constituents that, in his opinion, are “mentally ill”, “act like little kids”, and are responsible for the ”gun violence“ that is happening. He’s targeting specific people who advocate for and believe in a civil right with his legislation and votes (and as shown in 2016, he told VCDL members to piss off). Most recently, he’s proud of a lobbying group’s endorsement that wishes to undermine the rights ensured by the 2nd amendment:

Well, according to the DOJ......

I’m no lawyer, but a decent attorney can make a case out of his conduct being a civil rights violation. He’s openly mocking citizens he doesn’t like, accuses them of being mentally ill and partially responsible for death, and makes it his mission to violate their second amendment rights because he has the power to make laws in order to do so.


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