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Toxic Femininity

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

I cannot believe I'm about to write about a made up concept that Leftists have pulled out of thin air... "Toxic Masculinity." What. The. F***?

Ok. Jumping right into it. Toxic Masculinity is the new age, Leftist coined phrase for... or as the Urban Dictionary puts it (because there isn't an actual definition for it in Webster's yet):

"Any Male action that doesn't conform to liberal ideals of what a man SHOULD be in today's society. If he isn't sensitive and emotional and docile he is accused of toxic masculinity."

So, MEN who actually adhere to their genetic makeup, are a bunch of assholes in society. Plain and simple. Those big, strong, rugged, beef loving, tight lid opening, beard growing, shower farting, loud machinery obsessed humans, who have been superheroes in stories and warriors among mankind for centuries, are now considered deviants within society. All of them! They all must be eradicated from existence! Even the ones who like puppies and little kitties! You are HORRIBLE! Because you are a Manly Man!

OR!! You need to tone down those testosterone amped qualities and become more female! Get in touch with your feelings, boys! Estrogen up!

Y'all have have no idea how many eye rolls I tossed around in my sockets as I wrote all that up there. I laughed a lot, too! Here I am, a Strong, Conservative, Headstrong WOMAN who appreciates a man for being A MAN. NO! I do NOT condone abusive behavior from men folk... or even women folk for that matter... but A Man should be A MAN!

*This is not a jab at anyone’s sexual preference or gender identification. Do yo thang! RESPECT!

Instead, this is a direct hit to the Leftist Agenda that wants to silence, and even weaken, society altogether. How can ANYONE not see this!?!

I blame what I call ”Toxic Femininity.” I coin this phrase by what I’ve seen from the Leftist media. I am so proud of many women coming forward to speak “their truth,” but at what cost? The cost of our men? Here I am, a “Boy Mom,” watching my son do “Boy Things,” that came to him by the way of instinct (cause I sure as hell do not like legos or matchbox cars), and wondering to myself, “Is this toxic?” My feminist pals would say so! I’m supposed to deny this already sweet and happy soul of things that bring him joy, just to avoid him being “Manly” later on in life? HELL NO! Those legos and matchbox cars hurt like a bitch when you step on them in the middle of the night, while making your way to the bathroom, but they bring him (and me) peace. They make him think. They give him a way to express himself until he’s able to speak in full sentences. Same thing for grown men, from what I’ve learned in my lifetime. ;)

Toxic Femininity has become just as much of a plague to our society as Toxic Masculinity. We’ve seen it with the pink hats. The marching in the streets. Hell... BRETT KAVANAUGH’S SCOTUS HEARING! Women of Liberal Ideology demeaning strong, proud WOMEN for wanting to defend and protect their families by supporting their 2nd Amendment Right... by telling them they care more about their guns than they do The Children.

Toxic Femininity is weakening society‘s basis, not just for Men, but for WOMEN who actually bring up men who are wonderful, respectful, law abiding attributes in our communities. Toxic Femininity has given a whole new meaning to what it means to be Feminine, as what Toxic Masculinity has done for being Masculine.

Here‘s another example of Toxic Femininity: If I wear a certain shade of lipstick that’s not considered legit by Leftist standards (yes... this has happened), I as a woman am considered a whore... but if I were an actual whore, that’s ok. Cause I’d be living my truth.

If a MAN likes grilling, grunting, scratching, and being all rough and tough with his boys, even if he participates with his child’s PTA or coaches a youth league basketball team, this is considered Toxic Masculinity.

As a Christian (yep! I‘m using my Jesus Freak Card), I‘ve learned that the way Satan takes over a people is through confusion... which leads to division. The definition/ meaning of the name, “Satan,” is The Great Deceiver, Resister, and Confuser. His purpose is to the point... to deceive, resist and confuse. By doing such, he weakens people‘s faith and makes it harder for them to determine what is GOOD and RIGHT.

Who better to prey upon than the weaker sex... WOMEN. (I mean... Satan did it with the forbidden fruit, why not other things?) Face it girls! We are strong, but when it comes to “the feels,” we are soooooo weak. Men are genetically built to not only withstand “the feels,” but to also be the stronger more protective counterpart in our lives. Don’t get me wrong... I will buck up to any dude in a heartbeat who thinks they can “outsmart” me, but for the most part, I am proud to be a woman who knows the importance of a Strong MAN within a Family Unit.

I am also proud to be a mom who is raising a little boy to be the same to his future bride, as my husband is to me. It doesn’t make me weak. It makes me STRONG. It makes me a WOMAN to know that I have someone, a MAN, who stands by my side in this great fight of life. Men are meant to be MANLY and Women are meant to be... well... we are meant to be lots of things, but I can’t really decide what I should put here right now, so y’all fill in your own blanks. ;P

From Toxic Femininity sprouts Toxic Masculinity. Look at where we’ve come from. United family units to broken households. We women became independent in our ambitions, but way too dependent on proving ourselves to be better than everyone else. Feminism has ruined this nation. Toxic Femininity MUST be stopped.

Again, I do NOT condone abusive or violence from ANYONE, male or female, so if you’re in a relationship of any kind where you are subject to such nastiness, please know, there is help available.

First and foremost, reach out to your local Law Enforcement. Reach out to a Friend! The National Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1−800−799−7233. Call them! Do NOT wait! And DO NOT THINK THAT CALLING MAKES YOU WEAK! You’re NOT! You’re smart and deserve better!

God Bless!


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